Vee Mampeezy Says He Is Being Abused!

Give the guy some break

By  | Aug 29, 2022, 12:43 PM  | Odirile "Vee Mampeezy" Sento  | Top of The

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Vee Mampeezy just penned down a very long and emotional piece citing out issues of abuse from the public. Seems the star has had enough of the emotional abuse and people always taking advantage of the fact that he is a very humbled personality.

"I'm Thankful for my life ,I don't take what the LORD has given me for granted, I Thank GOD For the good parents, the good house, I have one of the best children out there ,im driving  one of the best cars in my country,Thank GOD  that I have the best followers/Fans in the country ,WHO support and buy everything I Do !my numbers are always on top.

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But the biggest war in my life  is emotional abuse and psychological war far ,everyday u are told by a few people that u are not the best, even when ur numbers say a different  story of success,numbers telling u that u are making  history, they  still gang up against  u shout a song that says  everything u did was just by luck nothing  else,

but the issue  is that there is a bit of luck in each and everyone of us it depends how u drive embrace ur luck..Some disrespect u and take advantage that u are humble, gotwe ke MORUTI he is not supposed  to day anything. 

This song they sing started off small but it grew big and big when  the closest people  driven  by jealously started singing  it,trust me  when someone  who is close start singing  the song of u not being  the best it's a whole new game ball ,a single close person represents over 10 thousand people  in the song ,thats how psychological war works.

Some take advantage of social  media and abuse me emotionally because they are failing to embrace success.But im happy  that those who love me are more from fans to even my closest big brothers and sisters, some learn from me and a lot teach  me how to even succeed more .

Some may ask but why are u so opposed with success, I want to show people  who start from nothing  that it can be done, those who are broken emotionally, those who are broken  by drugs ,alcohol, those who are broken  by misfortunes, it can be done, even if they can bring the whole choir to sing ur down  fall ,it can be done 
Every mistake  I do it's marked and taken to the people and they are told  because  he has messed up like this he should  be supported, im not allowed  to make  mistakes anymore while others  are allowed  to make the worst  mistakes and forgiven

Other  people bare my success comes from government tenders ,I have not had a government tender in 5 years not even government shows ,no one saw me at makgadikgadi, khawa forbes 30 ,just to name a few. I pray to GOD I get those government tenders so that when they talk its true ,and like any intelligent business man ke a di batla thata le gone 

but know and understand that Other people  have to eat  also ,and I have to be patient and wait for my turn,and also embrace  that when they eat im eating also as motswana to another motswana their success  is my success ,.
Gape hela tota nna I have other ways of making  my money every hustler have their  wisdom  and secret of winning ..

So I wrote  this massage to tell u that I'm not giving up,evening if I can be abused emotionally im not giving up ,I know I'm going  to loose a lot of close people in my life,because I will have to stay away from bad energy  and negativity. 

And I wish u also don't give up and I wish u success and success mentally  and emotionally ,because  that's where it starts  Modimo  ke oo."

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