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Not only is Odirile Ishmael Sento a veteran in the Botswana entertainment scene but he is also a legend and one of the pioneering acts in the music industry.

Better known by his stage name, Vee Mampeezy, the musician has constantly been dominating the music industry for well over 20 years. Born and raised in the small town of Hukuntsi, the artist has worked hard to build his brand and career over the years, his love and passion for music are evident in his songs and as a result, he sits as one of the highest-paid artists in the country.

Let’s take a look at Vee Mampeezy’s net worth and everything that has contributed to the musician's healthy fat bank account. 

What is Vee Mampeezy’s Net Worth?

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Throughout the course of his career, the artist has worked hard in perfecting his craft and spreading his wings into different business and entrepreneurial ventures.

His ambitions, hard work and consistency were rewarded and currently, online sources, Vee Mampeezy’s net worth sits somewhere between an estimated 2 million USD. With this estimate, the musician can confidently claim to be one of the highest-paid artists in the country.

How does Vee Mampeezy Make His Money?


Picture source: @veemampeezy Instagram
As a recording artist, a majority of Vee Mampeezy’s net worth comes from his music. Depending on varying factors such as location, venue, and date, Vee Mampeezy's price can go up, just as much as it can go down, however, his standard rate per show is P30,000.

In addition to his incredible performances, Vee Mampeezy earns a lot of money from YouTube views on his songs, as well as royalties and licensing fees for all of his music. With over 10 million views on YouTube, Vee Mampeezy's music video Dumalana became the most viewed music video in Botswana in 2019.

Songwriter and Music Producer

Music is evidently his first love, and in addition to releasing bangers for the masses to enjoy, Vee Mampeezy writes and produces songs for other artists, for a fee of course. He also established Black Money Makers, his own record label 


Picture source: @veemampeezy Instagram

In addition to being a budding musician, Vee Mampeezy is also a good and well-established businessman. In 2010, the artist released his own brand of mineral water and called it ‘The MaVeeta mineral water’, he later rebranded and changed the name to just Maveeta. Additionally, the businessman has his own brand of condoms called Lavitah.

Vee Mampeezy’s Awards & Nominations

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In addition to his various entrepreneurial ventures, Vee Mampeezy's net worth is boosted by the numerous awards and nominations the artist has received over the years. Some of them include the Metro Fm award 2017 and the One Africa award 2016.

With a story of rags to riches, the businessman and musician has worked hard not only to establish his music career but to also build up his private businesses. All his efforts contribute to Vee Mampeezy’s net worth and the lavish lifestyle that he lives with his wife and beautiful kids.

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