Vee Mampeezy Is Onto His Next Music Video!

It looks lit!

By  | Nov 17, 2020, 08:47 PM  | Odirile "Vee Mampeezy" Sento  | Top of The

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Botswana’s finest, Vee Mampeezy, is keeping busy with the production of his next music video. As always, the musician kept fans up to date with what’s been going on in his life, and on Tuesday, 17 November 2020, he was on set for his latest visual. The first image saw him watch his direction do a close up on three beauties sitting on a poolside table. The women looked as though they were dressed in summer attire, sipping on cocktails, whilst Vee watched fondly at them. 

Thereafter, he took his cameraman on a tour of his mansion, which also saw both of his whips parked outside. The property, which was also used as a location for the music video showcased Vee’s assets, which he claimed people have suggested that he had acquired through black magic. He explained that the false accusations did not faze him as he has been able to maintain his lifestyle due to his hard work and love for God. Vee also referenced late Zimbabwean businessman, Ginimbi, who was known for his lavish lifestyle, and claimed that people have now dubbed him ‘Veenimbi’. 

In late October 2020, it appeared as though Vee was shooting visual for another music video, proving that he is always on the hustle. The music video was being shot in an undisclosed location somewhere, where he was seen with a group of dancers practising a dance move under the watchful eye of their choreographer or music video director. Mampeezy coyly Tweeted; "Hello I Sing and perform for a living"

Prior to this,  he shot a music video was back in September this year, with the internationally acclaimed dance troupe, Mophato Dance Theatre and filmmaker Jack Bohloko. 

"It’s such a beautiful thing to see this much talent in one picture VEE MAMPEEZY, MOPHATO AND JACK BOHLOKO have collaborated to bring you one of the best videos to ever come out in the country.. The unity and the energy is what makes it beautiful GLORY TO GOD," 

Vee Mampeezy shared that at the time that his song will bring happiness in the country, with the release which is produced by Jazzman/DJ Bino and mixed by DR Tawanda. Dr Tawanda and Vee have worked together before on their hit song which was released In 2019, called Dumalana, the song featuring the Zimbabwean artist has over two million views on YouTube.
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