Vee Mampeezy Chooses BDP And Batswana Are Emotional About It!

Did he just take a political stand

By  | Aug 29, 2022, 12:30 PM  | Odirile "Vee Mampeezy" Sento  | Top of The

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While Botswana is headed for elections in 2021, young people who has succumbed to dire livelihoods are rallying behind a party that can change their lives. Now Vee Mampeezy has made it quite very clear that he has taken a political stand and that he is rallying behind the ruling party. Batswana seemed to be surprised that Vee Mampeezy is following the ruling party while it has made Batswana suffer.

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This is despite the fact that Vee Mampeezy and Nijel Amos were endorsing Masisi into the office when the country was going for elections in 2019.

During the Covid-19 scourge when the creative industry was sinking. There were no shows and public gatherings were dissolved. It was a very hard time for creatives as many of them were sinking in depression and the government was not doing much either.

When they did it was not enough to sustain them. Vee Mampeezy was one of the celebrities who called out the President for forsaking his
own people and Batswana are now questioning his integrity. This was after he was seen holding BDP Placards and performing at their event.

Vee has answered his fans and he explained that he is allowed to
take a political stand and that it is his constitutional right.

"Vee Mampeezy fans and followers ,have the right to choose their political party, they have the right
to choose their football team, just because I choose what I choose they don't have to choose what I
choose, u are independent and u have ur rights and Democracy of choosing what pleases u!!,lona just
enjoy music le tswe mo go tse dintsi ..GOD BLESS."

Some do not agree with this statement as they feel he might lose fans and endorsements from reputable brand. Some said Vee is within his rights.

"FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION. Its obvious that people who has a problem with Vee Mampeezy being a member of the ruling BDP are unfair to him. He has a right to associate like every citizen including his fans. This is clearly supported by Section 13 (Freedom of Association) of the constitution of this
Republic. If you feel you dont want to support his music because he associates with the BDP,

you also have a right to do so. Its your Freedom of Conscience in terms of Section 11 of our same constitution of the Republic of this country. I still say this narrative that local musician, Vee Mampeezy should not associate is not only myopic, absurd BUT highly stupid. If you saying he is using you as a Motswana to support him but dine with your

oppressors, you are simply rendering yourself stupid and useless. Who forced you to buy his music, products or attend his shows? Ga o kgone go ikakanyetsa wena? Vee Mampeezy has a constitutional right to associate. And as a musician with fans across the political scope, he understand very well what it
means for him to openly associate with a certain political formation.

It is just your choice to stop buying his music, products or attend his shows if you have a problem with his association. Not bash him for exercising his constitutional RIGHT.

He has a right to Freedom of Association (Section 13), you have your right to Freedom of Conscience (Section 11) not to support his
music and business if you have a problem with his political association. Go mothoho hela jalo. La re go
thata eng?"  Oageng Batenegi.
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