These Incidents Shows Vee Mampeezy Marriage Is Not A Fairy Tale!

Could they be keeping up appearance

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Celebrities are not always perfect and do not always have the best marriages as many would perceive. It is very common for couples who are married to have challenges and most often than not, some marriages survive the scorching heat of challenges while some may not survive.

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However, with celebrities every scandal will always make it to the news and people will always know when particular celebrity couples do not have fairy tale marriages. Celebrities like Minnie Dlamini and husband were deemed perfect until there was trouble in paradise.

While others like Will Smith and Jada Smith may choose to keep their marriages open due to the fact that they do not wish to cut ties at any point in their marriage, these celebrities keep a clean face of their marriages out there. Celebrities will always do unthoughtful things when it comes to keeping up appearances.

However, Vee Mampeezy and Kagiso Sento are one of those couples that on a numerous occasions people thought that their marriages were falling apart and they came out to clear the rumors to say they are still happily married.

Whether they are in a fairy tale or not these incidents can’t be looked past. They are a sign that they might be holding onto something that long died or they have accepted each other’s flaws and to live with those.

The Violence And Cheating Scandal!
The lovebirds have always resorted to violence each and every time they are having a dispute they resort to violence, which is one of the many reason they could possibly be stuck in a toxic marriage. In one of the interviews with The Voice newspaper where she responded to a fight she had with her husband, she said.

“We had been hanging out by the pool area like a regular family. At around 2 am the children retired for bed whilst we continued our night watching television. As the night went on I received a phone call from one of his fans wishing us a happy new year. As soon as I hung up the call Vee accused me of infidelity and I tried to explain to him who the person on the phone was.”

This incident went from bad to worse when the ‘lamalanga’ star was fuming with rage to a point where he smashed his wife’s phones and Kagiso tried to get revenge by also smashing the star’s cars. 

In her defense she said, he did not lay his hands on his husband nor did he lay his hands on her.  The one thing they are known for doing every time there are incidents of violence.

“I am the one who asked him to leave because had he stayed in that night, things would have gotten out of control. I am being labeled as some psycho but I am not. I wouldn’t just assault my husband. I never did. I never touched him. I would be lying if I say he laid hands on me too.” She said.

The gorgeous and ever stunning influencer and style icon has allegedly broken Vee Mampeezy Porsche and Mercedes Benz Gwagon. This was not even the first incident as she had also destroyed the star’s cars in another dispute they had.

Vee Mampeezy was reportedly caught in a cheating scandal that went viral on social media. His wife could not hold it together and resort to violence. He was allegedly sneaking behind his wife with one of his dancers.


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