Is Vee Mampeezy Expecting A Child?

Fans are not buying what he's selling

By  | Apr 19, 2022, 09:22 AM  | Odirile "Vee Mampeezy" Sento  | Top of the

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Musician and businessman Vee Mampeezy has shaken up social media when he posed a question about a number of children one should have. While others felt that he was asking the question indirectly for himself, social media is in a frenzy.

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In his rather cryptic however honest question that he posed on Facebook, while asking about the number of kids one should have, followed by the thinky emoji. Vee Mampeezy has gotten people in their feelings while some are getting the impression that he is indirectly asking for himself. Vee Mampeezy's fans and followers have come with up with outrageous number of kids that one can have. While at the same token some are all about as long as one can afford, they can have as many kids as they wish.

"How many kids should one have, im thinking of something" wrote Vee Mampeezy

Vee Mampeezy's fans and followers have come in their numbers to insert their two cents to the question that has been posed. While some are under the impression that Vee Mampeezy could be asking for himself, since he did mention that he is only asking because he wanted to see something. While some of course are sentimental. Taking to social media Vee Mampeezy's fans have made it know what is their take on the subject.

Shawn wrote "I heard of a man in China who have 32 kids but nna I know you can do better than him. I Trust and believe in you"

Lesh Lesego Sekgoa wrote "You can have 20 if you want, VEE. As long as you know you can take care of them financially"

Laah LaahA child is a gift from God,so i think a couple can have as many children as they want provided if they will be able to take care of them"

Botshelo Izzy Molefhi wrote "Our population is so small, even though at times economic hurdles may hamper progress, those who are able should make as many as biological circumstances permit"

Tshepiso Gasebalwe wrote "It depends on your agreement you had with your spouse on your family plan, no stipulated number as long as you can provide for them"

The question is everybody's mind is not what Vee Mampeezy asked about the umber of children. However, the question is whether or not Vee Mampeezy is expecting a child. Not for nothing but Vee Mampeezy's wife Kagiso Sento have not shown any signs of a possible bun in the oven but these days we can never know with science and everything.

One Facebook user Monica, put it to Vee Mampeezy while asking if there is  young Vee Mampeezy on the way.

Monica VeraI wrote "had a vision while reading this post, Vee Mampeezy is trying to tell us that he is expecting another bundle of joy. My Brother even 5 is"

Vee Mampeezy already have two children a girl and a boy with wife Kagiso Sento. The boy's name is Elijah and he was born in 2007. His baby daughter, Armani Amen Omatla, was born in December 2015. Age gap may be correct but only Vee Mampeezy can set us free from all the suspense and curiosity that is killing us all.

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The musician who is booked and busy is living it up with performances lined up across the town entertaining his fans and doing what he really loves and enjoys. His collaborations with Mzansi's biggest stars like DJ Tira and Makhadzi have taken over the airwaves and Vee is basking in the glory that is his success.

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