A Woman Rants Over Vee’s 7k Debt: Vee Mampeezy Respond!

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By  | Jul 07, 2022, 01:41 PM  | Odirile "Vee Mampeezy" Sento  | Top of The

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Vee Mampeezy has been in the news for many reasons now, and news of his debts and scandals have always made rounds on social media. This time around a woman by the name Mpho Donald published a video were she had a heated argument with kwaito kwasa star over P7 000 debt balance. The same lady made rants last year accusing Vee Mampeezy of owing her a whooping P40 000. The lady was in dire pain after the star loaned the money and was now failing to pay her after assisting him.

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In a phone call that she leaked to the media, the ‘dumalana’ hitmaker was heard swearing to the lady and making claims like he will fix her. He was also heard saying ‘fotsheke’ to her.

This is one of the words that are considered an insult and are mostly used when someone rubbishes your claims. The person concerned has been persistent in getting her money paid.

Years later she is still venting
over her money and people wondered if she has not been paid. Going public however was one of the tactics she used to get her money back.

Batswana came with guns blazing against Vee Mampeezy and failing to pay someone who was fighting tooth and nail to make ends meet. He was lashed out for calling himself a man of God and yet failing to show her fruits of godliness through his language and deeds.

Above everything, people were amazing as this was a long standing debt, and since Vee has been making shows and making money they expected better from him. They wanted him to pay his due diligence to the poor and indeed Batswana came in handy for her and she was later assisted.

Vee Mampeezy has share News 25 Online that the issue was being handled by his lawyers. “Vee Mampeezy has paid his long standing P7K debt, according to new information received this afternoon. 

Entrepreneur Mpho Donald confirmed to this publication that Vee Mampeezy settled the debt with her lawyers this morning.

According to Donald, Vee Mampeezy and his ally borrowed money from her and have been playing hide and seek when they were supposed to pay it back.”

The pending money issue was said to have been meant to raise more than a million pula for her son, who was due for a surgery in India.

However her persistence has finally paid off as Vee later responded and settled his pending amount. Though he was reluctant to do so I guess the woman’s persistent has finally paid off and now their case can rest. Being a celebrity is both a curse and a blessing, your dirty laundry will always be hanged in the public eye and sometimes they are forced to do right by everyone because of the pressure of being a celebrity.

Someone cannot stand the public scrutiny and end up taking their own lives. It is all about leading by example and keeping a good name for yourself and it takes a lot to do so.


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