5 Vee Mampeezy classics

Remember these?

By  | May 20, 2020, 01:28 PM  | Odirile "Vee Mampeezy" Sento  | Top of The

Before he was making semi Gospel House Kwasa and ... preaching? Vee Mampeezy was an integral and electrifying part of our entertainment scene. Odirile Sento rose to fame as the diminutive rugged young man with a voice that perfectly rode Kwaito beats. People young and old were compelled to get up when a Vee song came on, and as Vee grew he branched out and started Black Money Makers, working with and signing some of the countries biggest acts including Mingo, Eskimos, Exodus and Scar. 

What a time, right?  

He's gone through many phases and identities sine the early days, but righ now we'd like to take it back... Way back. 

Here are our 5 favourite Vee classics. 

Taku Taku

We're pretty sure anyone who knows this song, knows it word for word. It's an earworm of a tune that throws us back to simpler times - cheaper alcohol, a way lower crime rate and Mogae.  

 The video of the song also went viral, with over 200 000 views on YouTube, and did you catch the Tshepo Ntshole cameo in the beginning? 


At it's core we're willing to argue that Letlhale is in fact a song about Black upliftment and self esteem building. 

Go swa motho

All Kasi Anthem

The All Kasi hosted a roster of extremely talented artists but it's hard to imagine what it would have sounded like without Vee on the chorus.
He just... fit. He was the glue that held it all together. 

Ola Kasi

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