Ntate Tshepo Has Passed Away

The jazz legend reportedly succumbed to Covid-19

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South African music legend Tshepo Tshola has reportedly passed away after being hospitalized due to Covid-19. He passed away when he was in a hospital in Lesotho. 

Tshola was a music genius who was a guest on Afternoon Express some time back. He shared a few good points on his career which dates back to the apartheid era.

"Freedom means fighting a winning battle because South Africa was a world war and Freedom day was like a job well done. There is no way you can keep quiet when you feel the pain. And we had to be vocal because we were driven by pain. That is why even today you find a whole lot of confusion. It is because they are trying to heal themselves. From yesterday’s pain."

He also spoke about the highlights of his career; 

"I guess it was touring Europe and getting paid with bread and Salami. You know when you are working under the ANC in Europe, they’ll just take us. I thank Julian Bahula because Julian was one of the greatest liberation fighters at the time in Europe through music. 

"And he said guys the only way to get known is just to go and do it instead of just sitting there because we were so over-rehearsed. It’s like a soldier with a gun and not going to war. We toured about twenty-seven cities in Germany working under ANC. Our contribution at that time still makes me happy even today."
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