Ngakayagae Suspects A Powerful Person Is Involved In Tlotso’s Murder!

Celebrity lawyer shares his sentiments

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 Currently Botswana is chaos, especially in Lobatse where a young boy’s life was laid down by his stepfather to what is suspected to be a ritual activity. The murder of the young boy has caused a rift across the nation and fingers are pointing to his stepfather who is currently in Police custody and will appear before the court on 12 July 2022.

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Although all evidence is pointing at the stepfather, celebrity lawyer, Kgosi Ngakaayagae however shared his sentiments on the case and pointed out that the law could be remanding the wrong culprit.

The stepfather who is said to be a Zimbabwean native has reportedly sold his stepson to ritualists for P200 000. Batswana’s hearts have been left heartbroken over the news of the boy’s murder that is known as Tlotso Karema and they are broken over the young life that had a bright future ahead.

Currently the police have offered P50 000 to anyone who can give them a lead to the murder of Tlotso Karema.

With his reputable experience as a Lawyer, celebrity Lawyer Ngakayagae has pointed out that this case can possibly be far from over because the said culprit could be operating under the influence of someone who is very powerful. This is what he shared on Facebook with his followers.

“Why, I’m not excited over Lovemore's arrest? I'm not excited about Lovemore's arrest. Quite apart from the fact that as a professional, I cannot prejudge his guilt, there's a whole lot more that’s playing in my mind. It's fair to say that I have been round this block a while. In my work, both as a defense attorney, and previously, as a prosecutor, I have dealt with both confirmed, and suspected, ritual murder cases.”

“The ultimate beneficiary of a ritual murder is usually some privileged guy removed from the scene. It’s some chief, some politician or businessman, who operates it all by remote control. The principal criminals in ritual murders are usually; some Chief, some Politician, some businessman, some traditional doctor who prescribes the evil, some sick person who has been told by a traditional doctor they "need" a human sacrifice to heal,” he explained.

He has further explained why he believes Lovemore could not be the real culprit here but someone else.

“Their DNA is never at the scene of crime. It’s the runners (catchers, if you will), that get arrested and that ultimately hang. It was true with, Sepeni Popo, and many others. I personally summarized Sepeni Popos case. I didn't prosecute it, though. I think Counsel Merapelo Mokgosi, did.   It was true with Segametsi Mogomotsi,”

“My point is that the big criminals, including the traditional doctors who prescribe, "tshwene e e senang boa", always get away, with murder. The small guy pays for them all, with his life. So, Lovemore's guilt (if true), would only be 10% of the puzzle. Hed at best be a lead. The crime would be far from solved. I trust the police to do a thorough, job.

Main Picture from: Kgosi Ngakayagae FB Account
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