Nami Selolwane Gives Her Mom A Run For Her Money

She is not so little anymore!

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By no surprise Marang and husband Dipsy Selolwane have the cutest and smartest baby girl Nami Selolwane. However with growth, comes a lot of transitions and changes in the behavior, which are some of the cutest milestones to celebrate.

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She may only be a little over two years old this year but Nami Selolwane is the cutest and most smartest baby girl that has stolen many hearts on social media. With her own Instagram page raising_nami with over 4000 followers, baby Nami is definitely going to walk into her mothers shoes pretty soon.

Her mother, Marang Selolwane took to social media to reveal the changes in behavior and mannerism that baby Nami has adapted and she is shocked more than anything, having to relearn her baby girl she is raising anymore.

"Remind me tomorrow to tell you guys how I feel like I'm relearning my child" wrote Marang Selolwane

Marang Selolwane - IG Story

Marang Selolwane relays how she has to relearn her baby girl who is only three years old to the person that she has become. Marang may be forgetting that she is not raising a baby anymore but a toddler and these kind of people are very demanding while difficult to manage and keep up with.

Baby Nami is a young and smart baby girl who is too adorable even for words. She has been the glue between Marang and Dipsy Selolwane and all three are just a perfect family to look at.

"Who is this person and where does she get this big personality, the new mannerisms and words" wrote Marang Selolwane

In September Nami Selolwane will be turning three completely and knowing how dotng her parents are, the queen will get another big splash of a birthday. Last year during her second birthday, Marang and husband Dipsy Selolwane threw their baby girl a big splash birthday celebrations and it was one for the books.

At only two years old, Nami Selolwane is already even a trained swimmer and her parents are always making sure that the little princess is up to date with a number of activities in her life.

Even Marang Selolwane credits her daughter Nami as the reason behind her getting a tattoo. While in Johannesburg recently, Marang took to a tattoo parlor and got Nami's name tattooed on her body. She is  very special child and we are happy to see her grown to be the young little lady that she is becoming.

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