Who Is Nakhane?

Getting to know the star going global

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Nakhane has been on our radars for the better part of the decade. The singer, songwriter and actor already has hit songs with the likes of Black Coffee heard across Southern Africa and he was the lead in last year's Oscar hopeful South African film, Inxeba.

At the time of Inxeba's release, Nakhane received so many death threats from protesters that he couldn't even be in his home country to collect his first SAFTAs12 award for Best Actor in a Feature Film.

But so much has happened since then.
Source: Nakhane YouTube

The last 18 months have seen him focus on taking his brand overseas. He quickly made famous friends with the likes of the New York Times, Elton John and Madonna

The US and global media has welcomed him with open arms. He has used his art to proudly protest the LGBTQI rights - or lack there of - across the continent in ways that he would literally be risking his life if he did it in most African countries.