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She found something fulfilling

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She will always be remembered for her highlight in her career when she debuted a performance with DJ Zinhle. The South African Dj who came in Botswana in Avani, had a performance opening by Dato Seiko, the blissful event put a milestone on her career and has cemented her journey in the world of entertainment. She is the one of the young celebrities who have made a name for themselves and have chosen to pursue their talent.

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Dato Seiko who is also a sister to Mapetla, has proved that indeed music run in their blood just like Dramaboi and Katlego Ramphaleng. The thing about her and Mapetla is that they do not have collaboration together.

 Dato Seiko independently
took off her music career without relying on his brothers to open doors for him. She has landed collaborations with a few celebrities in the country such as Chef Gustos, William Last and many more. The young lad has never struggled to make her a name in the entertainment industry.

Women are taking the entertainment industry by storm with their talent and will always be admired for taking the arts by heart. She is taking after legends such as Sasa Klaas who proved their talent to many and gained themselves a very huge following. 

She is today following in her footsteps iconically and giving many women out there who have the passion and inspiration to do something with their talent and not wait to be told what to do. The music scene needs women like her with such huge vocal capability and zeal.

In one of the interviews with Gazzete she opened up about her passion for music and how her career took off.

“I started singing since my consciousness and haven’t stopped,” she says. “Music has always been a vital part of my life mainly because I come from a musical family. It has always been my way of expressing myself. I was always the child that never talked about emotions, so I used music as a way to communicate how I felt.”

“I fell in love with film by default. Growing up, I was always intrigued by visual arts. I loved TV so much. I love the movies and I didn’t understand why. But as time went on, I realised that film is very close to my heart. I gave it a chance because I believe it will help me visualise my songs for the reason that I wanted to tell great visual stories through my music,”

Many artists use their music to express issues of their heart as well as their personal life experiences. Some feel lost without music and some feel fulfilled when doing music and this is one of the things that keep her going. The talented vocalist has been a force in the music and she recently took to social media how has saved her. Like many other celebrities who found fulfillment in music, she has also found solace and comfort in music and this is what she recently shared with her followers.

“Music has saved my life countless times. Lord knows there were times where I felt like my presence didn’t matter in this world, but music saved me. I’m grateful.”
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