Motaso Declares Himself The Wisest Person In Botswana

Says he is the most intelligent person in the country

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For the longest time, Omphile Siphiwe Boikanyo has been attracting controversy with his statements. The 24-year-old was recently making rounds after he purchased many people’s dream car, the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

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In a recent interview he made recently with Leatile Mmutle of Duma Fm, he made a rather shocking and bold statement and he said he is the most intelligent person in the country together with Ndinaye Chengeta and they are the only ones who can maneuver through the harsh conditions of life and emerge victories.

Chengeta has taken to his Facebook page dismissing people who are always against the self-proclaimed ‘genious’. This is what he said.
 "I have realised that alot of people don't understand or know this guy. The first fact about him is that he is very young...only 24 years old and has established far more than a lot of people who are older than him. The boy took a risk and it worked out. He continues to take further risks and its working for him. I am blessed to have him as a friend coz what people say about him negatively is not what I experience from him.

What I can attest to is that the young man is humble, soft spoken and passes a lot of killer jokes. He is also focused, self made and his past experiences are his guidance. The guy suffered & nobody was there. He rescued himself and that is a principle that he believes in. He believes that if you get saved though donations then you don't learn anything. That is subject to opinion and it's his opinion. People believe he should donate his money & on that one I think we need to all work for our own money.

The guy made his money & he should enjoy it unapologetically and the way he pleases. I managed to learn forex from him & was blessed with robots to guide & protect my investment. It's actually fun watching lines go up & down. I know that there are people waiting for something close to wrong to happen so that the young man can be crucified. So far we are just jealous because the guy has a life we don't have. 

A re tlogele ngwana a tshele. Ya gore motaso is not a nice person is very simple. He is young and reactive. Fa le mo roga o a le ithogela. Batho ba tlwaetse go tlhokela babagwe tiro le maitseo mo social media. I wish he could just block negative people and avoid them because I know it is a trap to later say he is a bad person who insults people.

 Nna personally I think a lot of Batswana are not ready for forex. They saw the car and they think forex will get them such cars. Hmmm. forex you take your own risk. I know this excitement ya madi a motshelo. Ga ke batle tota mo go Motaso. He is young and we should just be happy for him & listen to him re digile makgwafo. Kamoso go tlaabo gotwe forex yaga Motaso is a scam. A bidiwa 0.7 wa forex."

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