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Ladies, let's get in formation

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We live in an age where for many, women empowerment is a gimmick. A fad, if you will. The message of sisterhood has sold many t-shirts and tampons but it's evident that those who preach it don't always practice it, especially when it comes to their brand of feminism being inclusive.

For example, when one hosts a women empowerment seminar that has seats at a thousand bucks a pop, who is that really for?

Already empowered women, I can tell you that.

In the case of Mmina her vision has always been to bring access to those who otherwise wouldn't have it - Batswana artists, models and women being on the forefront of those she seeks to uplift as she blazes a trail across the world stage.

EmIvy Model and Talent Management was born out of a need to diversify the type of Model she saw on the runway. That in turn led to the Model and Creative Workshop which was organised through her company with the intention to mentor upcoming models on how to walk on the runway while fashion designers got the chance to showcase their designs.

The next one saw her dabbling in art dealing and providing a platform for Tswana artists to showcase and auction their work. 

"It is crucial for us youth to create our own opportunities by promoting creativity as a wealth-generating career. Botswana has produced creative like Kaone Kario, Mpule Kwelagobe that have gone to showcase their talents on an international level, therefore there is need to find, uproot and mentor new talents from Botswana and the rest of Africa" - Mmina speaking to LightMagazine

Well, for those of us rooting for Mmina you'll be happy to know she's steady on the path to materialize her vision as an art dealer.

Yesterday she took to Instagram to let us know that she's well on the way to making the necessary moves, as well as shared some encouraging words for young women who might need them.

Main Image: Instagram/mademoisellemmina

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