Mjamaica Holds Raz Doko By The Hand

Ras Doko is super grateful

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Raz Doko has shared with his followers on how much he is grateful for Mjamaica who believed in him and endorsed him to do some work and partnerships together. Something he has taken to heart and have extended his hand gratitude. It is very important for brands to collaborate and work together.

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This is what Mjamaica has been doing, taking young talent and giving it some wings to soar. He recently shared in a post that he will be supporting Ras Doko by doing collaborations and he seemed to have lived to his word and Batswana have commended for that. He has also taken to Facebook to applaud him.

“Let me take this moment to thank my brother Mjamaica for the love and support he have been giving me,He featured me in commercial adverts with big companies like Shell🙏It was a great privilege working with you boss & still looking forward to collaborate in other projects..May GOD bless & protect you...Ladies & Gentleman Mjamaica appreciation post”
He has battled his own anxieties in the past and wanted to give up his craft, but because of his talent many people advised him not to give up his talent for anything.

Many people have look alikes but he has a very striking resemblance that of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri who was very famous in South Africa and for performing miracles. He has resembled him in his comedy many times, and the young lad buried many with his talent. So many people love him for his humility and how he is dedicated to his passion and craft. Raz Doko as he is famously known has been such a rare force in the world of comedy. He has worked with talent comedians like Maatla Ephraim Basha.

Many comedians struggle to make ends meet in the country due to lack of support especially by brands. Therefore, they end up being stuck in one place forever. Sometimes all it takes is for brands to recognize talent and empower talent, this is the thing that many Batswana wish for Raz Doko for his passion and talent.

 He has also worked with Mjamaica, who also supported William Last during his early days in showbiz and has supported many other young talents. He received endorsements from reputable brands and therefore we also hope that one day such great talent is not thrown away.

 He recently shared with his followers that he is currently battling cancer and like many other people who wants to make it in life. Therefore he has chosen to not let cancer take him down but he wants to keep pushing his hustle. The young comedian chose positivity over anything.

 Like any other celebrities who have battled cancer in the past he has also found himself in the same fate and we wish him speedy recovery to be able to fight the cancer battle. Its unfortunate that he found himself battling such a deadly ill. We hope he conquer this one like he conquered many other hardships in this world.

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