Nothing is as it seems with Mizee

He talks melody, manipulation and naked women

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Oarabile Moshi Somolekae (born September 6, 1996), better known by his stage name MiZee, is a Tswana Hip- Hop artist born in the bustling village of Serowe and bred in Gaborone, Botswana.
A lifestyle

He started rapping in 2010 at the tender age of 14  after falling in love with the art of (multi- syllable) rhyming and as almost all young men who were bitten by the music bug tend to do, then proceeded to form a group with friends at the time, called Cash Back Records (CBR).

This was the beginning of him truly beginning to hone his skills as a lyricist and producer.  Unlike other young men however, members of the group -  Ban T, King B,  In10nse and Mizee himself -  went on to become notable acts and players in the music industry.

Money calling.

“At some point I actually lived in Pretoria with my mom. We’d moved there even though my parents were still together at the time, but after a while my parents got divorced, while we were still there. It wasn’t a particularly hard time in my life necessarily because of the divorce, as some people would think. What really kinda rocked me at that time was losing my grandmother, my maternal grandmother. She passed away during that same year and that was what really hurt for me at that stage in life.”

While still in High School, at the prestigious Rainbow High, he met the award winning record label Bang!Gae (Formerly S.S.I); where he is currently still a recording artist and producer.

“I honestly feel like I’ve grown up as an artist through Bang! Gae. They really pushed me and taught me a lot about music. My earliest nudge, I would say, or introduction to rap, was 50 Cent’s In Da Club. I have an older sister and she used to play it all the time and I thought ‘Yo, this is dope’ and my love for rhyming just kinda came from there”.

  Mizee is hailed as not just one of Bang! Gae’s original signees, but also one of their most valuable acts. “I think I’ve evolved a lot over the years as an artist and a producer. When I first started I used to overthink a lot. I was always worried about what people thought of what I was making. Now, if I find it dope, I find it dope and that’s enough for me. My sound is also more diverse now because I put specific emphasis on melody. It has to vibe.”

A moment.

His electrifying performances have earned him fans both young and old, and since the inception of his official music career he has performed at 3 
Fete de la Musique shows, as well as at International shows such as the Hypnotik Festival in Swaziland for 2 years in a row; the first time alongside his crew, Bang! Gae, as the only acts from Botswana. 

“I’ve grown a lot in this industry and I think the most important lesson that I’ve learned is that things aren’t always what they seem. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes and people aren’t always genuine. You should definitely never give people enough rope to hang you with cos many people will, given the opportunity.”

His first official body of work, the Vibe Slow EP, was received with open arms by consumers and it's singles got heavy airplay on the airwaves. Fan favourites included the mellow Rotation, These Haters and the hype Cappello, an ode to the vibe most patrons seek at the high class establishment. 

He recently released his Second project, More Fuh Yah, which featured musical heavyweights Sasa Klaas, frequent collaborator Ammo Ski Mask as well as fellow labelmates Young Black and Rak.0.

A mood.

“Initially I’d wanted to put out something a little mellow, a ‘chick’s tape’, for my female fans but just as we got to the end of that, we lost a lot of the beats and songs at the studio while we were in the process of updating software, so I decided to put More Fuh Yah together because as a Mizee fan, no matter what happens, I’ll always have more for ya in the vault,” he says. “More Fuh Yah was done in six weeks – production, recording, everything. It’s mainly self produced but I also got to work with two of our country’s best 
LUKUNDO and F.A.T, on production. I kept the artist features to a minimum because in this case, less is more, but it’s also the best.”

And what of other creative aspirations?

“I wanna paint… naked women. Or take pictures of naked women. (Laughs) Whatever’s artistic and I enjoy doing, I wanna do. Like doodling. I might mess around and become a professional doodler”. 

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