Mihlali Ndamase Praised For Her Good Deeds

She flies her nail tech to in and out to do her nails

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Despite the recent backlash over the infamous and controversial kissing that allegedly happened here in Botswana. Beauty queen and social media darling Mihlali Ndamase has Batswana tweeps singing her praises for her loyalty.

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Social media is abuzz over what Mzansi's YouTuber and most loved social media sensation Mihlali Ndamase for her good deeds to a nail tech from Botswana. Mihlali Ndamase has gotten social media falling in love with her once she announced that she flies her personal nail tech to Johannesburg to do her nail and flies her back to Botswana.

Taking to social media, Mihlali Ndamase has asked on Twitter whether was it doing too much to flying her nail tech lady every month to Johannesburg to do her nails. And also flies her back to Botswana once she has rendered her services.
Batswana tweeps have really fallen back in love with the star for her loyalty and love towards support on of the local business woman who works as a nail tech. Despite the hate she's been receiving on social media over the infamous kiss and rumors about her dating married men and all the other shenanigans.

Even out fave Kagiso Sento had really praised Mihlali Ndamase for her allegiance and support for young and upcoming entrepreneurs, more especially since the lady is fro Botswana.

"No it’s not extra,please fly her in" wrote Kagiso Sento
Kagiso Sento - Twitter

Other tweeps are still singing Mihlali Ndamase's praises on social media for her good deeds. One tweep Tsenene Keem has really felt Mihlali's good deeds as inspiring while she wishes she had a talent she can explore and share with the world as well.

"Mihlali loving our very own nail tech's work in BW so much she's considering flying her over for future appointments is so inspiring. I wish I had a talent/ craft I could capitalize on. I'd work my butt off" wrote Tsenene Keem
Mihlali Ndamase is definitely the girl she thinks she is and we're here for all of it that she has to offer. Flying her nail tech every month to do her nails is the women empowerment that we signed up for.

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