The Magwapes Testing Positive For Covid19

All their plans had to be cancelled

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Couple Maxine and Mbakiso Magwape are in a celebratory mood as they plan to celebrate yet another big milestone in their life. Both Maxine and Mbakiso Magwape are planning their wedding anniversary and by the look of things it is going to be the one to remember.

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Instead of having their anniversary ceremony last month, both Maxine and Mbakiso Magwape were rather in bed and taking care of each other. According to Maxine, the reason why they spent their anniversary indoors was because they both had Covid19. Which explains a lot of things with their absence on social media, finally Maxine breaks her silence about the reason why her and husband weren't even out and about recently.

Taking to social media, Maxine Magwape has showed her fans a number of outfit she needs to choose from for their anniversary celebrations to take place soon.

"Last month (March) was our wedding anniversary, 4 years of marital bliss and 7 years dating🥰. Plans were made to celebrate this beautiful milestone but we spent our anniversary week in bed recovering from the “rona”.🥲" wrote Maxine Magwape

There was a period where Maxine and Mbakiso weren't outgoing recently and even on social media they were not active. However, now that Maxine has relayed the situation they were both faced with, it is all making sense now.

Both Maxine and Mbakiso Magwape are alive and well and ready to paint the streets red. By no doubt, the couple is very much social media savvy and taking to social media with a beautiful video while they changing from one outfit to another, the couple has asked their fans to choose their favorite outfit for their anniversary festivities.
Maxine and Mbakiso Magwape

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Now that both Maxine and Mbakiso have overcome Covid19, they are planning to take it to the streets and celebrate their anniversary. Their love is still going strong even though they have been together for over seven years. The pair is always inseparable and they always do everything together.

"Now we gonna try again! 😄" wrote Maxine Magwape

We wish both Maxine and Mbakiso a beautiful love celebration during their anniversary and we wish their good health and all the riches the world has to offer.

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