No Covid19 Formed Against The Magwape's Shall Prosper

They are gone with the wind fabulous

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After battling Covid19, Maxine and husband Mbakiso Magwape have taken off to their wedding anniversary. Shortly after cancelling all their plans in March due to being infected with Corona Virus, the pair is on their way to celebrate love.

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Maxine and husband Mbakiso Magwape have had their health scare when they tested positive for Corona Virus in March. The pair had their plans to go and celebrate their love, union and marriage, however when they were met with the sickness, things took a left turn. Both Maxine and Mbakiso took to bed while in quarantine the whole of March.

Taking to social media, Maxine Magwape's happiness has taken precedence as she reveals that her and husband are en-route to their anniversary getaway.

"He said let me give you a lil anniversary getaway, soooo excited" wrote Maxine Magwape

Maxine Magwape - IG Story

Now the pair is good is Covid19 free and they as they off to an undisclosed anniversary destination. Knowing the Magwape's, they go all out when they are traveling abroad and their Instagram is proof of that. With jaw dropping pictures from all the countries they have visited in their lifetime, this couple know exactly how to keep their love, chemistry and spark alive.

Last week Maxine Magwape shocked the people when she revealed that her and husband Mbakiso had Covid19. After pulling in missing in action, around March, it could only make sense when they announce the Covid19 saga. The pair loves social media and live off of Instagram. However, they didn't regularly posted, it did raised eyebrows.

Taking to social media recently, Maxine Magwape did let her fans and followers know about her and husband battling Covid19.

"Last month (March) was our wedding anniversary, 4 years of marital bliss and 7 years dating🥰. Plans were made to celebrate this beautiful milestone but we spent our anniversary week in bed recovering from the “rona”.🥲" wrote Maxine Magwape

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The pair have been together from 2011 and their love story is too inspiring to ever ignore. They are truly inseparable and they do almost everything together. They have taken over the world and they are undeniably the most traveled couple in the country.

Whether they are in the Amsterdam, exploring the Netherlands or simply painting the streets of London in the United Kingdom, these two never do anything small. They have just returned from Amsterdam and social media was abuzz at their traveling etiquette and standards. Now, they have taken off to an undisclosed location for their anniversary.

Maxine Magwape - IG Story

We would like to wish the Magwape's nothing short of love as they come together to celebrate their love and union. 

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