Masisi Accused Of Domestic & Gender-Based Violence

The details of these incidents are shocking!

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Social media is abuzz following the damning accusations made by Ora Masisi. According to former journalist and reporter Daniel Kenosi, Ora Masisi who is the daughter of Brigadier Thulaganyo Masisi, brother of Botswana President Masisi.

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Ora Masisi has shocked her fans and followers on Facebook as she went on to relays incidents of gender-based violence against her father and bother to Botswana President Masisi, Brigadier Thulaganyo Masisi. Ora Masisi have describe her father as a monster who has gone to even threatened to kill her and her mother at some point.

"Daughter cries out on social media and accuses father of being violent. She says he is a great liar who talks trash about the mother. Ora Masisi has shared domestic violence video on her FB timeline and described how it relates to her own family. She is the daughter of President Masisi brother known as Brigadier Thulaganyo Masisi" wrote Daniel Kenosi

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In a very lengthy and detailed Facebook post, Ora Masisi did not mince her words while detailing the events that she and her mother has endured at the hands of her father Brigadier Thulaganyo Masisi. Ora Masisi went to lambast her father as a monster who has some violent streak towards her as well as her mother.

"These kinds of things hurt me to the core, because I grew up in such a household. A narcissist of a father, till this day he talks trash about my mother to our faces, he is great liar. And he has threatened to kill me, yes my own father says he wants to kill me" wrote Ora Masisi

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In a very disturbing video, where an incident of a daughter together with her mother and angry father are going at each other. Which Ora Masisi shared because she relates to it so much, much is heard screaming while the father wants to beat the daughter and mother. However, the daughter stood her grounds while she protects her mother

The video goes for a couple of minutes, and the father can be seen going to the other room to get a belt so he can proceed to beat up his daughter, simply because she is blocking his way to get to her mother.

Ora Masisi details some of the incidents that has occurred at her household, caused by her father towards her and her mother. The abused and domestic violence that has broken the family down.

Ora Masisi wrote "Its mental awareness month anyways right!??Allow me to vent"

Ora Masisi wrote "One thing I've learnt through all of this is that ABUSERS NEVER CHANGE!!! Run, dont look back"

Ora Masisi wrote "My mum , siblings and I endured physical, emotional and psychological abuse for as long as I can remember. But somehow it has always been our fault"

Ora Masisi wrote "My mum had bruises , blood shot eyes from being stabbed by a fork in the eye, even though my mum worked in a bank and we had a help he would ask my mum to make breakfast only for him not to eat any of it"

Ora Masisi wrote "I remember very vividly in std 1 , I would try stay up late and not fall asleep in the couch as so I can go sleep in between them at night so my mum wouldn't be beat up. But it never worked I'd blame myself for not being there as my mum called for help and cried as a whole military man beat her up"

Ora Masisi wrote "Guess what was the reason for my last Admission at hospital, yup him. He wanted to get physical with me because he did bt want to have that talk.. thanks to him for that though we got a diagnosis.And even on my deathbed he was no where to be found but rather at his girlfriends mums funeral who he knows for not even 3months"

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