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If you happened to watch BTV’s new show Colours this week you might have caught a glimpse of Masego “Chichi” Mohwasa.  Masego is a young Tswana lady on the come up. The AFDA Film student, writer, producer and MC previously made news with her accessories line, Kapari,   a few years ago and now she’s taking her passion to the screen by starring in hilarious skits alongside notable YouTube sensation and The Throne cast member Mothusi Maxwell, as well as creating her own content. 

Her short film Thanya is available for viewing on her Youtube page and premiered at the Botswana Film Festival. It features actress Zinedine Gioia as a young lady with problems. Whether they are psychological or spiritual is up for the viewer to decide and over the course of the film is blends the Horror and Thriller genres to create a tantalizing experience.

A few weeks ago, the filmmaker banded together with a group of her peers to enter the 48 hr Film Project which saw them running against the clock to try and meet the deadline. The premise is simple enough - Teams have 48 hours to create a short film with a character name, occupation, genre and line provided to them.
Through the use of crowdfunding, the team was able to get their resources together, register and submit what they're hopeful will be a winning clip.

If you're wondering where else you might know Chichi from, wonder no more. Over the course of this year Chichi co hosted alongside Bonni B on Yarona FM, but revealed that she eventually made a decision to focus on film, as the primary love of her life.

I’m keen to see what moves she makes next as she comes into her own and her’s is definitely a brand worth keeping in touch with.

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