Marang Selolwane Takes Being Makoti To A Whole New Level

She does it with poise

By  | Jun 24, 2022, 05:13 PM  | Marang Molosiwa  | Top of The

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Everyone knows how super stylish Marang Selolwane is. She is one of the many celebrities in the country who tasted fame at a very young age. Like Reagile Kopi, she was famous for a Kiddies program that aired on weekdays known as Mantlwaneng. She was for the first time allowed to flaunt her television skills then. Little did we know that one day she will still be a star in our time. She has lectured at AFDA University now known as AWIL. She is an actress and a television and radio star.

Although she has made it big in the world of film and television, she is also known for getting married to one of the local soccer stars, Dips Selolwane. He was one of the best soccer stars in the country who played for teams in South Africa and also played for the national teams known as the Zebras. He is one of the reasons why the Zebras were doing well and was loved back then. Dipsy tied the knot to his long-time sweetheart Marang Selolwane who was previously known as Marang Molosiwa. The duo is celebrated not only for their talents but for how they do this marriage thing.

One of the things we love about her is how she is able to be a wife, mother, and a career woman at the same. Marriage can be daunting sometimes, and many people love themselves in the pursuit to please their partners, children, and in-laws. However that has never been the case with Marang, she continued loving herself and showing us that motherhood and marriage should not be the reason why people lose themselves in the process. Being a makoti (wife) or young makoti for that matter can take away your youthfulness and Marang has shown us that it's all about balance and how much you treasure yourself.

Being a young and a modern makoti and being obliged to take on traditional duties can be a turn for young wives, but with her, she has made being a young wife admirable. Now and then she is spotted marrying off some of her relatives alongside her celebrity husband. We love how she makes everything trendy and admirable. She is that one young lady who turns up for traditional occasions and has the time of her life. She is indeed special to the young wives' clan.

Traditional attires have become frequent on traditional occasions and are most loved for such events. Marang is that one young makoti that wear traditional regalia like no other. She has also redefined the beauty of leteisi and she has brought some flair to it. We love how she can bring different designs and styles making marriage admirable at the same. She is the first celebrity to bring so much heat to a traditional gown. We love how she and her husband take marriage to a whole new level. They are indeed on another level. Marang has shown many a side of marriage that was never encountered to. And that is why we love her. She is an inspiration


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