Marang Selolwane's Sympathy Towards All The Victims

Devastation doesn't even begin to describe her

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Following the devastating floods that took over Mzansi's KwaZulu-Natal by storm, the whole Africa is still in shock at the extent of the damages caused by the heavy rains and flood. Marang Selolwane hs taken to social media to break her silence.

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We have come to know and love Marang Selolwane for her big heart and compassion she carries with her. We also know the deep love and connection she has Mzansi. It came as no surprise as Marang Selolwane took to social media to break her silence over what has recently happened in KwaZulu-Natal where floods have damaged infrastructure and took over 300 lives to date. As it is, the whole country is rallying behind KwaZulu-Natal with support to help to rebuild.
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Currently Marang Selolwane is studying at the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg at the School for Arts as she enrolled to complete her MA in Cultural Policy and Management. Recently when she took to Joburg, she was living and exploring the city like a local. Taking to social media to share the excitement and joy of enrolling to Wits, Marang Selolwwane relayed how amazing it meant for her to take this step that did not come easily but was worth it.

Did a thing today. For myself. In the spirit of doing hard things. In the spirit of being a career girl through and through. Back at the prestigious Wits School of Arts, this time for an MA Cultural Policy and Management. Put it off for a couple of years to start my family, settle into motherhood, marriage and attempt that non-existent ‘work-life balance’. Mommy, that balance simply does not exist. Life will pass you and your professional and personal development will stall while you hold onto that idea of balance. wrote Marang

By no doubt, Marang Selolwane is deeply in love with Mzansi and it came as a no surprise for her to empathize and sympathize with Mzansi people who have lost their lives, homes and livelihoods through the unprecedented floods. To date, over 300 people have been reported to have lost their lives, and some people have not been documented since they are still missing. A tragic accident it was witnessing the floods taking away from people the little that they have.

While in South Africa Marang done explored the city while going out and out in beautiful restaurants or simply going out to get a tattoo that her daughter Nami, inspired her to do. Marang's new tattoo is one for the books and we can all thank Nami for being such an inspiration behind Marang getting the tattoo. The tattoo really captures the important of a mom-daughter love, as she wrote Nami's name as her tattoo.

Rad more: Marang's New Tattoo Is One For The Books

We send love and light to the people of KwaZulu-Natal who where immensely affected by the floods and as a result they lost their family members, homes and livelihoods. Our thoughts and prayers goes to all the victims of the floods.

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