Marang Selolwane Opens Up About Some Intricate Details Over Surname Change

"Some things are very much spiritual"

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Only being married for over little a year ago, social media darling, influencer and brand ambassador Marang Selolwane let her fans in, o the actually reason why she finally changed her last name. Although she was still going by her maiden name, however Marang is an official Selolwane.

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Taking to social media, Marang Molosiwa, now Marang Selolwane is overly excited over the last name change. Even though it has been a hassle of a process, however, the change was inevitable and as a married woman to her husband Dipsy Selolwane, Marang has finally honored her husband by taking his last name.

"Getting married comes with many big decisions. I’d always intended to double-barrel. For brand reasons, not so much identity. I obsessed over this! I had begun the process, filled in the application forms, submitted even paid that P100 for it. But as soon as I got home, spirit told me ‘naah girl’. So I prayed about it that night and the very next morning went back to immigration and reversed the application" wrote Marang Selolwane

Having been questioned in the past over the surname change or not even hyphenating together with her maiden name. It has nothing to do with her business reasons, for branding purposes or anything of that sort. However, she says it was rather a spiritual decision.

Marang Selolwane credits God for finally changing her surname into her husband surname. Saying that it has absolutely no bearing over her line of work which is very much on a personal brand and branding as a whole.

"Let me tell you this, changing my surname has had no bearing on my brand or work in any capacity. Besides the admin of changing all my documents it’s pretty much been smooth sailing. Despite all my fears. Because guess what, I am still ME. Here’s what I learnt. Some things are very much spiritual. This being one of them" wrote Marang Selolwane

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"Ha Modimo le badimo ba ratile, that’s all that matters. Listen to that voice. Always. Also it didn’t help that immediately after we got married everywhere I went everyone referred to me by my marital name so the public adjusted even before me😅" wrote Marang Selolwane

Marang Selolwane continued to say 'with some decisions. Silence the noise and opinions. Spirit will guide you'

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