Marang Selolwane & Dauhter Nami Steal Hearts On Social Media

The pair are mommy and daughter goals

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Marang Selolwane and daughter Nami Selolwane shares the cutest mommy and daughter relationship. If it was according to them, the pair would literally do almost everything together. Same reason how they have just stolen hearts on social media over their cute bond.

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While in attendance to Nami Selolwane's school activities today, Marang Selolwane and Nami are seen doing the most cutest and amazing things together. The theme must have been 'bring mommy to school day' as Marang brought muffins in support of her daughter Nami.

The pair shared the most beautiful bond while carrying out a number of activities that are scheduled for today. Taking to social media, Marang Selolwane have shared her happiness and excitement for being in the midst of all the activities she is doing with daughter Nami Selolwane.

"Today the babies are pampering the mummies. Manicure by Nami coming soon" wrote Marang Selolwane
Marang Selolwane - IG Story

Recently Marang Selolwane shared some details of their relationship with Nami in the process of her growing to be a toddler. Marang was completely perplexed at the level and rate that Nami is growing. To her surprise, she relayed that Nami has adopted the newest attitude, mannerisms as well as the biggest personality which she cannot recall from whom she might have got it from.

Taking to social media, Marang Selolwane relayed hoe her almosr 3-years old daughter was becoming the grown toddler she has ever matter. Social media was abuzz at the transitioning stage that has gotten Marang Selolwane in her feels.

"Remind me tomorrow to tell you guys how I feel like I'm relearning my child. Who is this person and where does she get this big personality, the new mannerisms and words" wrote Marang Selolwane

Marang Selolwane - IG Story

The day filled with fun, excitement and joy between mothers and daughter at Nami Selolwane's school has gotten Marang Selolwane's hands full. While the pair are enjoying some mommy and daughter moments doing, manicure, muffins and all the other fun activities, Marang and daugher are having the time no money can buy.

At only two years-old, almost 3-years in September, Nami Selolwane has got to be the cutest gift both Marang and husband Dipsy Selolwane could ever asked for. With her own Instagram already with over 4K followers, Nami is growing up to walk exactly in the footsteps of her busiest mom.

Apart from all the traveling, brand endorsements and partnership. Marang is also a full time registered student at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, School for Arts to complete her MA in Cultural Policy and Management
Marang Selolwane - IG Story
Marang Selolwane - IG Story
Marang Selolwane - IG Story

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