Marang Molosiwa's Heart Melting Miss Botswana Moment!

Rami's moment with the Queens

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She is known for her tenacity within the world of film and television and just doing so much in that space for many years now. Since she was just at her primary level the cameras loved her and she has always
been a force to be reckoned with.

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Just as Miss Botswana is taking shape and preparing itself for
the crowning of the Queen, Marang Molosiwa Selolwane has been roped in as one of the team members who have been taking the finalist on a question and answer session which will assist the finalist on public speaking.

We have seen over the years how South African Queens bring their A-game when it comes to answering questions.

It's not just the beauty they bring to the competition it is also their intellect and
their top-notch brains. It's always beautiful to see beauty fused in with brains and Marang will be giving them tips on how to enhance their public speaking.

Miss Botswana's team took to Facebook just how pleased they are to be having her on their team and she will be equipping the young ladies.

"Last Saturday at New Capitol Cinemas, the Top15 finalists met for a motivational and development session. Live performance educator and consultant digital content creator who has been in media, arts
and the public eye for over 20 years; Marang Selolwane conducted a QnA session with the finalists to help them with public speaking.

Founder of Organic Naturals SkinCare, Didintle Moreki is a young woman whose core business ethos is to empower African Women to show up confidently in business spoke to the contestants about

Chatiwa Motlhabane, a banker by profession who specializes in digital payment solutions walked the ladies through financial literacy and contracts.
To round the day off, Motherk Masire guided the ladies through a meditation session as a lesson on how to practice mindfulness on their journey to the crown."

The Miss Botswana team is really doing their best to unearth a jewel even though Batswana are very
skeptical over this year's finalists and whether they will be able to pull this through for Miss World.

Seems like Batswana are not happy about a lot of things even though they were just recently nominated.

One thing about the ladies though, is they seem to be educated and we could be headed for a better Queen if they are given a chance. We just love how this is going.

The Miss Botswana team has been doing a great job in keeping the Queens together and as well as keeping them bubbly and radiant.

We love the sisterhood they share and the fact that they have been sharing such beautiful moments with the wife of former soccer star Marang Selolwane.

They recently melted a lot of people's hearts when they surprised her with a happy birthday song. Such an emotional moment that got people emotional.
She couldn't help but cry and the room was so full of emotions.

'Even as seasoned of a professional as she is, Marang Selolwane could have never been ready for our
Top15 to break out into song for her!! She really just thought we were taking pictures!
We are so grateful she took the time out of her birthday weekend to impart knowledge on the Ladies.
Wishing Marang the happiest birthday today from #MissBotswana and our Top15 finalists!
#MissBW2022, Visuals by DOP Stan'
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