Marang Molosiwa Shares Her Craft!

She is sharing her gift

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Multi-talented Queen, Marang Molosiwa, is imparting her gift of acting to inspiring artists who are wanting to embark on a career in the entertainment industry. Along with her thriving career as a host and actress, she is lecturing students and loving every second of it! 

The Live Performance lecturer took to her Instagram stories on Wednesday, 24 November 2020 to share visuals from her latest class, which she captioned with, “My work as an acting lecturer brings me so much joy. I pour my heart and soul into it. Educating and developing talent. Getting my students ready for the industry. Man!”. The image showed her reading through her lecturer notes at front of the class as she delivered the lesson to her students. 

Thereafter, she shared a boomerang of herself seated at the end of the class, sharing another message which professed her love for what she was doing. She went on to state, “Imparting them the skills and knowledge of storytelling and performance. The Brechts, Stanislavkis, Meisners! The theories and techniques! Love love love!”. 

The mother of one has spread herself across many different aspects of her life, and has done so effortlessly. Marang is currently one of the country's most hard working philanthropists and creatives, and honestly, we wonder when she sleeps. If she's not working with the UN on initiatives to make the world a better place, she's spearheading them herself through her own company, Minds for Tomorrow, or giving talks to uplift the girl child. 

Whilst she manages to be a mother, lecturer, actress and philanthropist, she has also been open about her struggles balancing it all. A year ago Marang welcomed her daughter Nami into the world and her life changed completely. In a post on Instagram, she detailed that she has been feeling down, overwhelmed, hypersensitive, and simply lots her flow.

"Y’all!!! I’m recovering from a bout of intense MOM BURN OUT. I’ve had a rough, crippling couple of weeks! Tiiiiired! My energy has been low. I’ve been hypersensitive, overwhelmed, and just highly irritable! I simply lost my flow"
The actress went on to add that moms sometimes tend to want to be perfectionists in every role they pursue. She said she realized that she was not centered, this includes not reading the Bible and she had to start reading it to regain her strength.

"I think as working moms we really put ourselves under so much pressure to perfect every role we assume. Mom, partner/wife, sister, daughter, employer, employee!! Issss a lot sis! With quite a bit of convincing by my partner, I decided to dedicate yesterday to shut the world out.", she said.
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