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It is much deepper than what we all thought

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Mzansi's controversial podcaster of Podcact and Chill With MacG may have ruffled all the way from South Africa to our home land. As Marang Selolwane takes to social media to vent about feeling dragged for what was said by the MacG and his team.

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She may be on the celebratory mood for making as a delegate at the Forbes 30 Under 30 Summit Africa 2022. However, Marang Selolwane feels attacked by what was discussed on the podcast recently. MacG and his co-host were discussing that the reason why Amapiano is playing everywhere, that is of course to cater to the younger generation that is currently partying. Whilst the deep house fans are a much older generations, with families, kids and they no longer party or going out to groove.

This was exactly where Marang Selolwane felt attacked since she is a deep house fan. Taking to social media, while driving around on this beautiful Saturday, Marang Selolwane has voiced some of his concerned as she feels dragged over the two music genres.

"Okay, so let me make this clear, it is not that I have a problem with Amapiano I actually enjoy it. My issue is that DJ's are playing the same five songs all the time, all the time. Clubs, lounges, restaurants, the same five songs, that's all. But I do enjoy Amapiano. I don't have a problem with it. I just enjoy my deep house a little more and that's okay, that's okay" said Marang Selolwane

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It has been an ongoing conversation in many platforms, especially on Twitter that Amapiano are somehow doing a disservice to deep house music. While at the same token some people have felt that other music producers of other music genres are jealous over the new music sensation that is Amapiano which has taken the streets by storm and had dominated the industry.

It is by no doubt that Marang Selolwane is a deep house fan and to her defense, as she comes clean about not hating Amapiano however, she relays that it do becomes overwhelming since the DJ's are all playing Amapiano and nothing else on their sets. The Amapiano music genre has really taken over the music scene and every new artist that is coming out lately is doing nothing else but Amapiano.

New times are upon us and new generation of music has taken over the music scene. Evidently, the sour grapes from other music producer of other music genres is really. As they cannot stomach that fact that Amapiano at the it and the rest of the music follows now. Marang Selolwane is a deep house kind of girl and she says she has nothing wrong with Amapiano at all.

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