Marang Makhoana: The Princess That Stood By Palesa

The princess she is

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Throughout the Miss Botswana journey and Palesa Molefe becoming the Queen, she was crowned alongside her Princesses Marang Makhoana being amongst them. Makhoana is the Miss Botswana 2nd Princess and she is been standing next to her Queen supporting her.

We admire how she was always rallying being her and updating us on how best we can support the Queen. We love her for her golden and selfless heart. She carried out her duties as the 2nd Princess selflessly.

When Palesa was nailing the head-to-head challenge in Puerto Rico, she was amongst the people that applauded her and gave her the courage she needed to bring the crown home. 

“Congratulations to my Queen for winning the H2H challenge and making it into the Miss World Top 30! I am so proud of you and I am so happy for you! Please continue being true to yourself and letting that beautiful personality shine! Don't ever hold back who you are because that is what sets you apart from everybody else. I believe in you! Continue killing them with that gorgeous smile I love so much! Much love from your princess,” she shared with her followers.

During her days in Puerto Rico, Palesa was handed a piece of jewelry from the House of Divinity, at the time Makhoana had to step in as her Princess to receive the piece on her behalf.

BITC CEO Mr. Keletsositse Olebile this morning handed over the Botswana National Gift for Miss Botswana to 2nd Princess Marang Makhoana.  Brand Botswana supported the Miss Botswana organizers with the national gift. The Diamond encrusted neck piece was made by a local jeweler Ms. Boitshoko Kebakile of House of Divinity. The national gift will be sent to Puerto Rico to Miss Botswana Palesa Molefe who is expected to present her National gift,” BITC shared on Facebook.
Makhoana also shared with her followers on Facebook her excitement to be receiving the piece on the Queen’s behalf.  It was such a beautiful gesture from a beautiful princess. 

“It was such an honor to receive this beautiful national gift on behalf of our beautiful Miss Botswana. Palesa Molefe who is doing so well, at representing us internationally. Let's continue giving her our support so she can keep flying our flag high and being a beacon of hope for all of us as Batswana. Please like all her posts on Mobstar (1like=1vote) and also like the Facebook page Miss World – Botswana. With love from your 2nd Princess,” she said.

When the journey began for Palesa in Puerto Rico she was excited on her behalf and she wished her luck. The one thing she wanted wholeheartedly was for the queen to win and wanted Batswana to join her forces in bringing the best out of their Queen.  

“The day has finally arrived and gosh, am I not excited. I wish you luck and all the best my Queen, I know it's been a long and exhausting ride, but we're finally here! You did it! You've done so many great things already and I know there's more you will do. Thank you Batswana for all of your support throughout our Queen's Miss World journey. It's so heartwarming to see our nation uniting and coming together as one,” she said.
The voting season on Mobstar came as one of the most hectic moments for Batswana. They had to work extra harder to ensure Palesa a better place in the Miss World competition. This is where Batswana proved their love for Palesa. Makhoana was amongst people who encourage Batswana to vote on Mobstar App.

“Good morning beautiful people. As we all know, The Miss World Competition has begun. Join me, show your support and let's rally behind our Queen Palesa Molefe. To vote for Miss Botswana at Miss World, please download the MOBSTAR application, on the play store or the Apple store, create a profile, follow @Miss World Botswana,  or just search for Palesa Molefe and like all of her content. Click follow and then swipe from left to right on each pic to like the posts.1 like = 1 vote, please like all her posts and vote every day until December 16, 2021,” she said to her followers on  Facebook.
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