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Cross over with Manu Worldstar at the Piazza

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Manu Worldstar's Nalingi has to be one of the biggest songs of the year.  After leaving Vuzu's The Hustle competition Manu got straight to work and holed up in the studio.  Most viewers seemed to have a love/hate relationship with the rapper and it was pretty touch and go whether he was going to be able to leverage his TV time and level up - but Nalingi put all those doubts to bed.

"...AKA told me that I ran out of juice, that pissed me off because I know I can never run out of juice so that was the only thing that I took to heart. I got out of there I decided that something needed to change..."

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In an exclusive interview with ZAlebs Manu said after leaving the Hustle house he decided to come up with a new sound for himself and last year December, the moment was finally right. The song was actually inspired by him trying to get with his current girlfriend - And no, her name isn't Nalingi.

"...I met her on campus the first time. I was there early in the morning, I was on my own, about to go into my classroom and then I saw her walk through the hallway then I just froze for a bit cause she’s so beautiful and pretty and everything, she’s walking, we locked eyes for a bit and then she walked passed me, and then I was like: ‘Ok, I gotta do something smart now...I gotta sing,’ and as she’s walking by, I sing: “Isn’t she lovely...” and I could see her smile and I was like okay, I planted the seed...”

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Nalingi started off festive season with 12 Number 1 spots across the world and we can't wait to witness it live.  Manu's set to perform at Stanbic Bank Piazza on the 31st, and we think this will definitely be a great way to cross over into the new year.

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