Makhadzi Set Fashion Ville Ablaze

check out her latest style

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She recently went to London to perform there and we saw Makhadzi from a different light. Her glow was just taken to another level. Could it be that she has new stylist!.

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The Venda Queen is indeed serving us with some beautiful snaps of herself draped in the latest fashion style. When she took over United Kingdom
she brought in some A Game and some flair to her wardrobe. Her clothes were always tops.

We know Makhadzi does not often do heels. Most of the time she is on her sneakers or flat shoes. She knows how
to explore her chic side and how to show off her Nubian glowing skin.
This is some of the outfits that got people talking

DSTV Mzansi Viewers Choice Awards
The red carpet event which attracted and gather celebrities meant stars were strutting in the latest designer clothes and this is where many spot fashionistas and celebrities style. Makhadzi was one of the celebrities who brought their A Game and her outfit got many people talking.

Not only her outfit but her style too. She has outdone herself and she was just smashing in that gown and her long and shiny hair.

United Kingdom was just something else for as every day she served us a different side of herself. She knew how to strut in comfy clothes, either jeans, jeggings or just some shorts. The Vends native who worked her way to the top is amazingly gorgeous and very soon she will be the Queen of Red Carpet.

The young and hyperactive star also delivered an iconic performance as many people could not stop applauding her for delivering such an amazing performance. Indeed she had fun in the Queens Land. This
is what happens when you forget about your haters and you choose to slay and work hard.

Miss South Africa
Recently Miss South Africa has hosted their annual Miss South Africa coronation and it was one of the legendary nights that gathered together celebrities from all the corners of South Africa. It was not just
the stars who were smashing. The judges, former Queens, The Host and many people has brought in

some flair to the night. Makhadzi was also booked to come and perfom at the Miss South Africa event. It was one of the nights that the Khadzination just loved how she did the most in her outfit. She had worn
a red and black laced outfit with a brunette weave. This was yet another moment where she caught the eyes of many people.

Her outfit for the South Africa Music Awards was just to assure many that he is not yet done in fashionville. The changer ma gear hit maker has indeed changed the gears. Which is why we see her as
beautiful as ever. This is what we love seeing most about her. She is always breathtaking with a beautiful smile. She is indeed soaring and taking over rightful place. Her beauty is so golden and pure from inside out.
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