Khadzination Celebrates Makhadzi 26th Birthday Today!

Its her birday today

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Just in, the Venda songbird has added another year to her age, and the talented star has recently posted on Facebook that it is her birthday today. Apparently, she is sharing her birthday with South African Rebecca Malope. The duo has a lot in common as they are both renowned artists in South Africa. They have accomplished a lot when it comes to their singing talent. I bet their stars are just aligned. However, fans a raining down some happy birthday wishes in her timelines and only have one request from her, that she continues giving them some good music till eternity.
 The ‘changer ma gear’ hitmaker has broken boundaries in the past, making her one of the most celebrated stars in Botswana, South Africa, and beyond Africa. She breathes hit songs and she is a smash banger performer. She has highlighted numerous events in the country and beyond. The star has also been booked for a show in the United Kingdom. The pint-sized sensation has been the hottest thing lately and even years later she is still the most loved artist in Botswana and beyond. She is living the black excellence dream.
Some of the highlights she has in Botswana was when she hosted her One Woman Show which was full to the brim. Every time she comes there is some type of vibe that is charged across the country and people will be looking forward to seeing her. She gathered the elders in Tlokweng and took them into a cleanup campaign galore where she wore some of the traditional clothing. That was the time Batswana proved they loved Makhadzi more than they loved Palesa. On that day when she was making an uproar in Tlokweng, Palesa was arriving in the country from the Miss World competition, but the attention was not on her but rather on Makhadzi.

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In our time relationships seem to be choking a lot of people. Everyone is either left broken by their relationship or has a hard time being happy in a relationship. Makhadzi, who has been a victim of bad relationships, sings about this ‘mjolo’ thing. Still, in that neighborhood, her fans would rather see her heartbroken so that she gives them good music just like Adele. People believe she brings some smashing hits after being heartbroken. However, the star seems to be smitten by the Limpopo hitmaker Master KG. The Lovebirds broke up once and Makhadzi still took her back.
This was despite the fact that her fans were warning her about taking Master KG back. I guess they were not wrong after long, since it was not after long when they called it quits. Despite everything we love the songs she brings to us about relationships. Some of these songs comfort a lot of people and show them that they are not alone in this thing. Makhadzi has got them. Today on her birthday we look back and celebrate with her she has been holding down many people since day. Happy birthday Makhadzi and may you continue to do us good. 

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