Dream Team's Saso Welcomes Baby Girl

He's officially a daddy

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There's nothing like welcoming a new life into this world, the feeling just gives you a sense of purpose and great responsibility to keep working hard all in the name of loving and providing for your offspring.

And we're 100% sure that, this is how Saso is feeling at this moment.

The Dream Team member was all smiles when he revealed that his fiancé - Amanda had given birth to their first child, a baby girl.

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As excited as her man, Amanda also shared the first picture of their baby girl who goes by the name of Zoya on her Instagram page.
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In May 2018, Saso confirmed that he was indeed engaged to Amanda during an interview on Massive Metro, saying:

"It feels very different but it still feels the same, nothing has changed and I'm glad it's like that. I think I was in a good position and comfortable position for me to make that decision. I feel like we've been together for a very long time and I've decided that actually, this is the woman that I want to spend the rest of my life with, I don't see myself without her so..."

The couple is known to be very private when it comes to their relationship and only share details of their relationship now and then.

We wouldn't be surprised to find out that the couple probably held their wedding a long time ago but have decided not to reveal details of their wedding to the rest of the public.

Which is always a good thing, sharing too much about your relationship on these social media streets is never a good idea.

Congratulations to the lovely couple and their new addition to the family.

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