Lesedi Matsunyane Biography: Age, Education, Family, Children, Career, Weight Loss

She's a talented uprising actress.

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Lesedi Matsunyane  is a South African actress and film producer. She is Connie Ferguson's daughter from her previous marriage with Neo Matsunyane.

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Her debut appearance on The Queen had fans go grazy. They say that she nailed that performance and would like to see more of her on screen.  Lesedi is also working her way up the industry as a film producer.

Apart from her career in the entertainment industry, she all about wellness and fitness just like her mother.

Here's a look at the young actress's rise to fame.

Lesedi Matsunyane Age

Lesedi's birth date is not known.However, she gave birth to her son when was 22 years old in 2015. So this would make her 27 years old today.

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Lesedi Matsunyane Education

Lesedi studied and graduated from AFDA with a BA in Live Performance. 

Lesedi Matsunyane Family

Lesedi is the daughter of Connie Ferguson and Neo Matsunyane. Connie Ferguson was previously married to actor Neo Matsunyane between the years 1993 to 1998 and they had a daughter, Lesedi Matsunyane.

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Sadly, Connie's relationship with Neo did not last that long and the two broke up. Connie then remarried and got married to Shona Ferguson. Shona treats Lesedi like she's her own biological daughter. 

Lesedi Matsunyane Children

Lesedi Matsunyane has got a son that she had out of wedlock. Her son's name is Rowena Malema and Austin Malema happens to be the father. Austin Malema is a famous celebrity photographer who's been involved in many projects such as the SAFTAs and the Student Academy Awards. Ronewa was born in 2015 whilst Lesedi was studying and she was in her last year at AFDA.

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Lesedi got the support and love to raise her son from her parents and her young sister, Alicia Ferguson. Connie and Shona are proud grandparents who adore their grandson so much.

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Connie Ferguson even acknowledged that what she loves most about her life is the fact that she is a grandmother. During an interview with True Love magazine, Connie had this to say, 

"I've always been close to both my daughters, Lesedi and Alicia, 13, but when Lesedi fell pregnant we grew closer. I was there when Ronewa was born, so I bonded with him from the start. He's very close to his grandfather; they have an amazing relationship. He is an amazing dad, so i knew he'd be an awesome grandfather. We've always wanted a boy and now we have one."

In 2019, Connie and her grandson had us all in our feels. Connie Ferguson and her grandson appeared on the cover of the Sowetan Magazine for their Heritage Edition, to recreate an iconic portrait that had decorated many black homes back in the days.

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Ronewa, Lesedi's son, might just follow in his grandparents and mother's footsteps as he's already started at such a young age. He plays a part on the Ferguson Films drama, The Queen. Ronewa plays Ayanda, this child that Harriet's maid Violet (Mbali Nkosi) had with her late husband Mzi Khoza (Treasure Tshabalala).

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Lesedi Matsunyane Career

It's true when they say the apple does not fall far from the tree and Lesedi Matsunyane is living proof of that. She may not be a business mogul yet like her parents, Connie and Shona Ferguson, but she's clearly making waves on the right path.

She made her acting debut back in2011 - 2013, when she was part of the cast of Vuselela Series that aired on Soweto TV. In 2012, she also played the young Ruby Dikobe on Generations. Lesedi also got a gig to act on Rhythm City where was playing the role of an African-American 20-year-old called Davina Moore, who learns the ins and outs of Joburg culture.

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Lesedi Matsunyane is not new to our television screens, as she has cut her teeth in acting before. The multi faceted young actress can be found working as a cast co-ordinator as she wears numerous hats within the Arts.

At this time, she may be working with Ferguson Films. Lesedi is into production and behind the scene acts. She also is an actress on the Ferguson Films flagship drama series, The Queen on South Africa's most loved television channel Mzansi Magic. The fans loved her performance and they could stop heaping praises on her.

Lesedi is quite passionate and outspoken about having the industry open to young talent as well. She is a true inspiration to upcoming actors.

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Even though Lesedi has got parents that are well connected in the industry she has at many times said that she wants to pave her own way instead of getting handouts from her parents. She wants to be the boss of her own career.

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Lesedi Matsunyane Weight Loss

There's no lady that does not want to stay in shape and Lesedi is doing all she can to get thet beautiful bod. So where did she the inspiration to hit the gym from?

Lesedi says she got her inspiration from her mother’s shared fitness journey on social media. Connie has been sharing her fitness journey on Instagram and her daughter Lesedi decded to join her. She also acknowledges that her mother played an important role and if it wasn’t for her she may have given up.

Connie's eldest daughter Lesedi who is a member of her mom's fight club, took to her instagram to show off her amazing progress and we have got to admit, she is looking all kinds of fine!

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Is there anything the Ferguson women can't do?

Lesedi is definitely making waves in this industry and she is not slowing slowing down for anyone. With her hard work, she is determined to make a name for herself and not be overshadowed by her parents' fame.

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