Lesedi Ferguson Reveals She Wants A Second Born

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Lesedi-Matsunyane-Ferguson has spilled the beans on her current relationship status revealing that she is a single woman and has been for the past four years.  While we all thought the starlet's baby daddy Austin Malema was going to probably send his uncles to The Fergusons mansion, this seems to be not in the pipeline for the photographer.

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In a candid Instagram Q&A Lesedi revealed that she had stopped dating her baby daddy photographer Austin Malema four years ago. The Fergusons' eldest daughter revealed that although she is also single, she is ready for another child.

Neither Lesedi or Austin "Mr. Credit The Photographer" Malema have ever went public with their relationship. Austin's presence in both their lives is very evident as he takes Lesedi's pictures which can be found on her Instagram.

Austin Malema is one of the fathers who are challenging the stereotypical notion of black fathers being absent by being involved in his son's life.

For the most part of Austin Malema's life, the star photographer did not grow up with his father, he was raised by his grandmother because his mother was still a teenager when she had him, Austin says he's always had the dream of becoming a great father to his son.

"Call me weird but I've always wanted to be a dad. I loved the relationship  that my favourite sitcom dad on All of Us had with his kids and knew I'd be just like that" he said to TrueLove Magazine.

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