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Her confidence is on steroids

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Lesedi Matsunyane-Ferguson continues to keep people in awe with her jaw dropping beauty. It appears that these days she has mastered the art of maintain her status while creating talks across all social media. If it is not her significant weight loss, Lesedi is serving looks worthy of a magazine cover

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She recently took to Instagram to drop some pictures that words fails to describe. Even her actress and media mogul mother, Connie Ferguson and fellow industry pals found themselves typing nothing but love and admiration for Sedi's newly found beauty. It is evident that Lesedi is so comfortable in her own skin and it shows for everybody to see.

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Yes, it is no secret that Lesedi has also been touched by an angel but all credit is due to her taking care of herself and getting her confidence back. She did however lay on the table and gone through under the knife for a nip and a tuck to get her body is shaped. However, maintenance will require Sedi to keep working hard, eating healthy and looking after her newly found body.

The truth that lies in confident being sexy runs suddenly runs in Lesedi's veins now. At every turn she keeps reminding her fans and followers about the confidence she has adopted the minute she shed some weight off. Also, while empowering other people who are struggling with body images to conquer their fears and embrace their flaws by taking fewer steps to perfect their imperfections.

After her major weight loss, Lesedi has turned her social media into a mini magazine when she dumps all her impeccable bikini pictures that are creating nothing but a stare and admiration. If her body transformation is not an inspiration at all, then I don't know what is.

In a world where young girls are struggling with body images, social media and the society's perception and expectations of how a woman should look like. A lot of the same young girls can learn a thing or two from Sedi by taking good care of their bodies in order to love themselves all over again.

Lesedi, is Connie and the Late Shona Ferguson's first daughter is also a mother herself. Both Connie and the late Shona are media moguls who have paved the way for a number of actors and actresses on our television screens. Lesedi, who is also nicknamed as Sedi is a hard-working mother at the her family production company, The Ferguson Films. She doubles are a cast coordinator/ casting director and as an actress herself.

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Truthfully, if we didn't know any better we would assumed that Connie Ferguson has everyone on a tight leash at home when it comes to gym and exercising. We all know that Connie is a gym freak and her body stays banging all thanks to her determination and drive she commits at the gym. Lesedi has followed in a mothers step, as from time to time takes to the gym to keeping her body in shape.

It appears that we have figured Sedi's amo on Instagram and  will continue to be our daily bread because the girl is on fire.

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