Lerato Sengadi Declares HHP The Best MC In Africa

She is adamant on keeping his legacy alive

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Lerato Sengadi has decided to give her followers a young throwback Friday and cleanse her Instagram stories with some old skool HHP music. She got reminded why the late HHP was the best African lyricist and even reminisced on the trouble she went through to make Jigah a success.

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The media personality has done extensive work in the music industry including PR work, events coordination and so much more. She has an ear for good music so she does not quiet miss the mark when she crowns her late husband HHP as the best African lyricist.

She had to remind her followers why she thinks this way of HHP's music saying. Taking to her IG stories, Lerato wrote a short throwback on the day they shot the music video for Jigah featuring Manifest saying she had to work the entire day ensuring everything worked out well. 

"I worked my ass off on this day. We shot from morning till damn near the next day. Kamo I'm running around getting stuff customised. Kamo motho o batla attention yaka the whole day. Kamo ke my OCD of the shots being perfect. It was a lot shem. But the song le video came out like we wanted them to," she shared.

She then crowned HHP and Manifest as the greatest MCs in Africa, "Without a shadow of doubt, Africa's greatest MCs ever."
Lerato Sengadi IG stories
Lerato Sengadi IG stories

Lerato is also looking to return to the industry and said she is the best person in her field. She said the sabbatical she took is about to come to an end and the sign she has been looking for has finally arrived.

"Being called back into action to work on this project reminded how much I love what I do...and that I'm one of the best! It might be time for this sabbatical to end. This may be that sign I've been waiting for."
Lerato Sengadi IG stories

Lerato is all about keeping HHP's memory alive one way or the other. Every October is  bitter sweet month for her and she shared why. In her previous IG posts, she shared that it's because her hubby HHP was born on that month.

“As” by Stevie Wonder says it all. October will always be bitter sweet. It is the month that the world gained me and the month I lost my world. Motho waka, Lerato la pelo yaka, I miss u every single second, of every single day... and it will be so until we are reunited. Ke go rata ka mmele, pelo le moya. (Sidebar: Nna le Motho waka were always so oulik. Tjeeerrrr! Bona fela!”.

Dedicating a song for the two of them, Lerato said Stevie Wonder’s 'As', is the one. Check out the lyrics to the emotional song; "As around the sun the earth knows she's revolving. And the rosebuds know to bloom in early may. Just as hate knows love's the cure

"You can rest your mind assure, that I'll be loving you always. As now can't reveal the mystery of tomorrow. But in passing will grow older every day. Just as all that's born is new, you know what I say is true. That I'll be loving you always."

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