Lala Will Be Crowned Miss World One Day-Prophetess Tebo Hannah

Batswana are not buying it

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Socialite Larona and BJB’s Baby Mama has recently received a prophecy on her future and it seems there is a lot that her future has for her. One Prophetess by the name Tebo Hannah has shockingly made revelations about Lala and Batswana have refused the Prophecy and deemed it to be a lie.

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This is because the basic requirement to win Miss World is that you should not be a mother at the time of the competition. They have rather advised her to go back to her prayers and verify her facts. The woman of God is not moved rather and believes she has delivered what she has seen in her vision. Batswana have also taken their stand. This is what the prophecy says.

“Prophetic message to Lala Larona - Queens are born and Embrace their Grace Anointing. Bible verses 2 Chronicles 20:19-20, Matthew 16:1-4. I have been praying and had a vision about this young girl Lala Larona. The Holy Spirit says to tell her to embrace the Gift she is carrying. She should try to have her me time in order to introspect especially on her career path. There is a Crown of Glory and Favor Anointing Oil dripping on her head.

She is born a Great woman and she will be crowned Miss World if she can join the Miss Botswana Pageant. First, they will try to make her lose hope by making the competition tough, but she will be a fighter like David winning Goliath. I saw too much light in her hands and I asked, Lord what is this, and the spirit of the Lord said if she protects the Grace upon her she will be rich and this light you see is millions of money.

The voice of the Lord said she will have her own Clothing Brand Name; she should pursue Acting as a career as I saw her in Vision acting in South African Soapies. She is a great woman and all she needs is the Wisdom of God and the spirit of intelligence.

She will dine with Great people from across borders.  The devil wanted to pull her down by making her feel she is nothing. She is a fighter and will always win. Lala Larona is a brand herself and she has to love God more and she will go far in life.”
Larona is known for her public relationship with BJB also known as Bontle Jwa Batswana. The two have been in a long-term relationship recently and have a baby together. Due to some challenges in their relationship they had to call off their relationship.

Although they have broken up, it seems like the duo is trying, by all means, to move on while making each other jealous. Larona is now being all flirty and all lovey-dovey with a local comedian known as Penene Ponono. Even so, he has shown dedication to her and commitment and Batswana have been vibing their relationship. However, Lala has not yet responded to her prophetic word.

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