L'vovo Dishes Advice On Manifestation

Are you taking notes?

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Ever wondered why some of the things you dream about never become a reality? South African-based Kwaito star L'vovo Derrango might have the answer. Taking to Twitter, the musician explained that the reason things don't materialise for people is that they announce everything on social media before it happens. The man says that everything is deeper than a social media post, it is spiritual.

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"Yall manifesting n sharing all your wishes in front of your enemies on social media. Manifesting is connecting to the spiritual realm, not just screen shooting "11:11 - brand new iPhone". It's way deeper than that. Most of your dreams are blocked online coz yall share everything here."

L'vovo stresses that people must take time to meditate before anything else. Posting on social media just isn't enough. "You can't even be still n meditate but u think u can just post things on social media n they'll happen." He advises his followers to cleanse themselves first before sharing things on social media. "Cleanse yourself first, learn to connect to the spiritual world, know your maker and that you are made from the image of him.. Then speak to the universe! It'll fall into place."

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In closing, L'vovo told his followers to stop doing things because everyone else is doing them. But rather focus on aligning their lives with their purpose. "Don't do things because everyone is doing them. The universe will respond to those who have mastered the art of connecting with it. This is not some "trend" nje iyahlonishwa lento n inesizotha. Your things are there waiting for you but they need you to learn the language."

L'vovo is an award-winning Durban born vocalist. The 39-year-old completed his University studies at the University of Durban. He gained popularity after releasing his debut album in 2007 which won him multiple awards. A near-death experience in 2019 caused him to relook his lifestyle and eating habits.

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