Missgeekays Accused Of Using Rb 2 Resources For Her Personal Matters

Some do not accept the apology

By  | Jul 12, 2022, 02:11 PM  | Khumo "Miss Geekays" Kgwaadira  | Top of The

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It seems some people are not pleased with Missgeekays apology after her recent scandal on Facebook where many people called her off for failing to give her clients the best customer service.

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While some people have openly loved the fact that she was able to admit her wrongs, some are still not satisfied with her response and have rather called her out for using government resources for her personal matters. The Rb 2 sensation publicly apologized on The Youth Gear, a youth show that airs on Rb 2.

Setlhomo Raymond Tshwanelang who is known for giving his opinion on national issues has taken to Facebook his displeasure over Missgeekays apology. He has also cited displeasure over how she is using government resources for her personal matters.

She speaks as if Batswana are clueless about running the business beyond consumerism.  Bagaetsho giving feedback is a norm all over the world. In fact, consumer feedback is part and parcel of every business. 

It’s pity that instead of issuing an apology Khumo went on the radio to wail, play a victim & unleash all sorts of defensive mechanisms. I wonder if that’s the mandate of RB2 where a supposed radio presenter now turns the whole show into her as a host & her private affairs. 

It’s an unfair, unprofessional & abuse of resources. She is using government radio to unleash terror on the people who complained about her business, and her private affair which has nothing to do with her role as a presenter with Radio Botswana. 
Clearly, Khumo lacks all the basics of professionalism & decency. She fails to differentiate between her as a Radio host & her as a business owner. The two are different and so are the liabilities. I hope the aggrieved Batswana won’t support such an arrogant & self-serving individual. 

You have seen, read, and heard her arrogance. Please use your money where they won’t pass remarks when you give feedback. Where they won’t go to Radio Botswana & defend their bull. O ta supportiwa ke malope a gagwe.”

In her recent radio apology, in what seemed genuine to many people’s eyes, she publicly said her apology when many thought she will not do it. However, some people thought that her case should be put to rest as she has finally managed to send out her apologies and make things right again. Some are still skeptical over her apology and some entirely do not have a problem with the way she apologized or how she apologized.

“I would like to apologize to everyone I might have upset over the recent post on Facebook. I am truly sorry. I had conversations with the very same people who posted and I thought we had a level of understanding. We have got busy days and also slow days in business and I am always there to make sure I communicate with each and every client to make sure they are happy with the service,” she said on the Youth Gear Radio Show.



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