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A serious pandemic in the world

By  | Mar 01, 2022, 01:59 PM  | Khumo "Miss Geekays" Kgwaadira  | Top of the

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It comes as a no coincidence, as Miss Geekays shares her encouraging words surrounding the mental illness matters. By far, mental illness issues has proven to be a serial killer in most communities if not all. A lot of media personalities and celebrities are victims of mental illness but are keeping mums about it

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The radio and TV personality has taken her time to chime in on this serious pandemic that has taken and still continues to take some of our stars on a daily basis.

If not by natural causes or car accidents, many celebrities are committing suicide as a result of struggling with mental illness. A number of these celebrates suffers from this serial killers for months and even years because they have no one to talk to. The same celebrities fears to even come out in the public as victims of mental illness because they fear being judged or labeled with degrading and derogatory names. Miss Geekays took to Instagram to speak about some of the main illnesses pertaining to mental illness, with hopes to encourage her fans and followers as a new month commenced.
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Issues surrounding mental illness and mental health is still viewed as a disease for certain people of a certain class and status. yet, mental health affects almost everyone. It came as a no surprise why Miss Geekays would touch base with mental illness, as of course she shared how shattered she was last week when Mzansi's rapper and music producer passed away as a result of mental illness.
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Rapper Riky Rick was reportedly to have committed suicide by means of hanging himself last week at his Johannesburg home. Although he didn't die at the scene, while on his way to hospital, that was when he met his demise. The whole nation has been mourning his death and today he will be laid to rest. He was reportedly to be suffering from mental illness and he couldn't take it anymore, as a result he took his own life. Riky left a heart-breaking letter for both his wife and children.

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Societies shouldn't be spaces that tells men not to be vulnerable and not to cry. This is one of reason why men bottle things up inside them and when they finally explode, it is usually not a good look. Last week we were all touched by radio and TV personality Resego Matlhokathari when he took to social media to remember his late father. Most men wouldn't even miss their own late parents because they fear what society would think of them. Well, not our true hero Resego.
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Miss Geekays wishes for people to stay knowing about mental illness as the new month commences. Each one must teach on about mental illness in order we can all create societies that has the knowledge and information about mental health issues.

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