Miss Geekays Makes Her Comeback

It has been a long minute since she left

By  | May 02, 2022, 04:33 PM  | Khumo "Miss Geekays" Kgwaadira  | Top of The

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TV personality, brand ambassador and now business woman Miss Geekays has really pulled a number on her fans and followers. For quite some time she hasn't been on the radio and that really raised some eyebrows

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With her new business booming recently, Miss Geekays has been off the airwaves for quite a while now. While some are wondering if perhaps something sinister has happened causing Miss Geekays to be away from the mic or was was she really taking time off for herself.

Miss Geekays who has been on the limelight surrounding the dating rumor between herself and another media personality Resego Motlhokathari, is enjoying her business as a restaurant owner of Kana Kgang.

Her fans and followers who have dearly missed him have taken to social media to share in with her the excitement ad joying for having her back. Clearly, her being away on social media has really kept her fans missing her. Although nobody knows the reason why she was out away but we could not be grateful to have her back on the airwaves.
Lately she has been all about her new restaurant while promoting it and attracting more clientele all over social media. The restaurant is really doing well for itself and Miss Geekays is really basking in the glory that is her hard work. 

Although neither Miss Geeekays and Resego never forget each other's big events in their lives, celebrations or simply giving each other support and being there for each other. There is quite a number of things that have really made fans and followers believe that they in a serious relationship but at every turn at the same breath they are always reminding that they could be simply good friends.

The anticipation has been at the all time high, as Miss Geekays fans and followers have been waiting with bathed breath for the opening of her new eating out spot. The restaurant is finally open for business and many of us are green with envy because we all crave to go and eat there. Taking to social media, Miss Geekays announce the soft opening of Kana Kgang and from the pictures we saw, we can safely assume it was a smooth success. 

Although it has been in the works for a little over a year ago but Miss Geekays has proven to be the girls she thinks she is. Having working tirelessly, between juggling from her radio and TV jobs, Miss Geekays have not missed a beat with dedication, determination and hard-work towards accomplishing all her wishes and dreams. 

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