Miss Geekays Just Gave Birth & Not To A Child

We stan a hard-working queen!

By  | Mar 23, 2022, 01:40 PM  | Khumo "Miss Geekays" Kgwaadira  | Top of the

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Out favorite IT girl Khumo 'Miss Geekays' Kwaadira is leveling up to even higher grounds and we are all here for it. Although it is still a big mystery but we know that our radio and TV personality is definitely working over time and it shows.

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Recently Miss Geekays reported live from South Africa, Johannesburg while on some business and a little pleasure, if you will. As if that was not enough while all were drooling over her social media whether she was out and about enjoying the city or taking it to the boardroom to discuss business. The girl on the move is Miss Geekays as she recently announced some major news that her restaurant and eating spot Kana Kgang that was introduced to us back in 2019 is finally happening and very soon.

Now that the cat is finally out of the bag, Miss Geekays is basking in the glory that is that sunshine. Although it is still unclear where Kana Kgang is solely her however what we know is that she is the girl that she thinks she is and we so proud of her. Taking it to social media over the excitement and joy, Miss Geekays eluded that the restaurant and eating spot will be operating soon and very much accessible to the public. her caption was evident enough that the girl is happier.

"Well, well, well" wrote Miss Geekays

We have come to know and love Miss Geekays for being bold and brave especially towards she loves and adores. Either she is making bold fashion statements, speaking on worthy courses or even better traveling across the world. We always know that she will give the people what they want and leave them wanting for more. Recently she took Mzansi's Joburg by storm and like a local she had us all gushing over her content on social media.

Whether she was eating out at the city;s beautiful restaurants, her fans and followers were eating off of her palm. Although she never let us in to her recent visit to Joburg but we couldn't help but notice that it was both and pleasure. We saw her in boardrooms, sitting in big meetings but when it was time to play with other kids, she sure did went out and all out as her social media pictures would attest to that.

Fans and followers couldn't hold their excitement over Miss Geekays dreams coming into fruition. Social media was abuzz and they showered her with congratulations messages over achieving something that she has been working on for quite some time now. Taking it to social media, the fans were gushing over with joy wishing Miss Geekays all the best of luck.
Immediately some of the tweeps starting shooting their shots right on the scene while asking Miss Geekays for work.
Well, as the gem that she is, she wrote back to tell that she will have to speak to the bosses first. When all in all, we do know that she is the boss of all the bosses.

The opening of Kana Kgang eating spot comes as a no surprise as we know that Miss Geekays is working hard as well as playing even harder. Evidently, the making of the restaurant and eating spot was still in the pipeline from 2019 but now that we know that it is finally happening, we couldn't be more happy for Miss Geekays and her partners and team.
As we all know, all things great takes some and Miss Geekays time to shine is now. The finer details regarding the opening date and location is however still a mystery but we are all happy and excited for Miss Geekays's new business venture.

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