Miss Geekays Always Confusing The Enemy

Is it really being private or they are purely friends?

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Ever heard of the term 'platonic friendship? where both females and males can be purely friends without any attachments. That is exactly what Miss Geekays and Resego Matlhokathari have going on.

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Even after much speculations surrounding radio personality Miss Geekays and TV and Radio personality Resego Matlhokathari's friendship. The pair has proven time and again that they are purely friends and have nothing but genuine love for each other. Even though there are still people who are not sold over the friendship they display, some are more convinced that the pair is dating while playing friends in the public eye.

The pair has really sparked relationship vibes before the public;s eyes. Whether they are dressed in matching outfits and simply spending more than enough time together and having pictures that social media will dissect while looking for answers.
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If though niether one of them have come forward with news that they are truly dating but the chemistry they share is unmatched and really out of this world. Recently it was Resego Motlhokathari's birthday and taking to social media, Miss Geekays has actually referred to him as friend in her sweet yet short birthday message.

It was during that time that some fans and followers were really thrown off, hence the confusion of whether or not the pair is really dating is still a big mystery. At this point only Miss Geekays and Resego Motlhokathari can actually free the public out of their suspense and curiosity over their relationship status if of course there is any.
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Although the pair never forget each other's big events in their lives, celebrations or simply giving each other support and being there for each other. There is quite a number of things have really made fans and followers believe that they in a serious relationship but at every turn at the same breath they are always reminded that they could be simply good friends.

The sweet names they call each other with are not good enough proof that they are actually dating. And by the look of things the pair is enjoying all the confusion they have created around themselves. Resego Motlhokathari usually refers to Miss Geekays as his 'Day One'  however the term day one could mean a number of things as it does not signifies dating or relationship.

For what its worth, they are very much cute together and also successful at that. They both are working hard at their jobs and doing almost similar jobs even.

We are truly proud of their bond and chemistry but the suspense is killing many people, including us. Are they really dating or it is purely a cute friendship.
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