Miss Geekay's Fans Donates Blood For Her Mom

What a wonderful gesture

By  | Jan 15, 2021, 04:51 PM  | Khumo "Miss Geekays" Kgwaadira  | Top of the

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Miss Geekays fans have stolen the hearts of many people with their wonderful gestures, after saving the media personality mom's life.

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In a post on Twitter Khumo stated that there is no blood in Botswana and said her mom was in desperate need of blood. It is no secret that the shortage of blood is still a major concern in several parts of the world but finding good samaritans who are able to donate blood, means we are giving other people a second chance to live and save their lives and that is a wonderful thing to do.

Khumo pleaded with anyone who is type A- or O to lend a helping hand by donating blood to help her mom feel better. "It’s real. There is no blood in Botswana. My mum is in desperate need of blood. If you are A- or O- please help us so my mum can get better. Kindly DM if you are willing to assist," she wrote.

Her fans inundated her posts with messages of good wishes for her mom and many expressed their willingness to take part in this noble cause. Some of her fans who qualified to donate blood for her mom stepped forward and said they are willing to do so. Miss Geekays later posted pictures of her fans donating the blood and it was a beautiful sight to see.

In a post, she later thanked those who donated and said her mom has been booked for a blood transfusion "I would like to thank you guys for the love & support. To everyone who reached out, I am so grateful. Mum is booked for a blood transfusion 1st thing in the morning. Let us continue to donate blood and save more lives!!"
Miss Geekays is no stranger to good deeds also. The star recently spent a day with kids at Maikano JSS, and her foundation thanked the school for giving her an opportunity to bless them with her presence. Miss Geekay is the founder of Who Am I, a non-governmental organization that aims to help young individuals self-actualize and realize their true potential and she is no stranger to traveling around schools to motivate children.

The TV and radio personality has become a force to be reckoned with in the industry with her passion for empowering young people. It is no secret that it always brings warmth to our hearts when celebrities show love, especially when the love is directed towards the little ones.

Miss Geekays revealed that she has big plans for the children in Africa this year and said being around them makes her heart content every time. "I love kids. Being around them makes me so happy. Dear God."

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