Khumo Kgwaadira Takes Her Fans Out For A Smoothie

They are encouraging Mental Health Awareness

By  | Oct 29, 2020, 09:27 PM  | Khumo "Miss Geekays" Kgwaadira  | Top of The

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Botswana media personality, Khumo Kgwaadira, delighted two of her fans with a trip to Health Generation, with is a nutritional shop based in Gaborone. Whilst the starlet shared only images of herself at the smoothie bar holding a green drink, her Instagram stories showed that she was joined by two of her fans who got to spend the afternoon with her. 

The meeting between Khumo and her fans was said to be in promotion of the Mascom Batanani Walk 2020 which has been taking place all throughout the week. She stated, “In other news, I chose two of my lovely fans and took them out on a smoothie date. We laughed, cried a little but it felt good opening up about issues that all affect us mentally – all in support of this year’s Mascom Bantani Walk 2020. 

Khumo, along with many other Botswana-based celebrities have been vocal about their support of mental health during Mental Health Awareness’ month which has been taking place throughout October. The television star did not reveal the content of the conversation with her fans, however it is assumed that opened up about any mental health struggles they have been face due to the coronavirus pandemic or even gender-based-violence which is a topic largely prevalent across South Africa. 

Khumo provided a link which explained the purpose of the Mascom Batanani Walk 2020, which stated, “Over the past few months, the country has faced challenges unlike any that we have ever experienced as Batswana. The COVID-19 pandemic has left people feeling isolated, anxious and worried about their wellbeing, and there has been an increase in mental health related issues
 Now more than ever, people need to feel equipped and empowered to manage their mental health and to know where to seek help when they can no longer bear their burdens on their own. This is the time for us to stand together as a community, supporting one another as we work to survive these troubled times so that we can ultimately come to thrive again. In light of this, Mascom has themed this year’s virtual charity walk around the urgent issue of managing one’s mental health in the midst of a crisis. Our goal is to raise awareness while promoting community support for those who need it the most.”

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