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Ticking goals

By  | Jun 22, 2022, 02:15 PM  | Khumo "Miss Geekays" Kgwaadira  | Top of The

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Khumo Kgwaadira also known as Miss Geekays has been one of the celebrities who are not afraid to chase after their dreams. She is a presenter on Rb 2, an event host, a businesswoman and she has recently added yet another item to her bucket list. The Sefhare Native is ticking her goals and she is not stopping anytime soon. Her tenacity is admirable and gives much inspiration.

Being in the limelight can sometimes limit you, but she is not afraid to shun stereotypes and chase things deemed not for celebrities. In past years she opened a braiding saloon that gave many the inspiration to love braiding. We loved the fact that she would go inside her salon and do the work herself and it was beautiful. The outcome of her work was admirable. She then later stated her love for plaiting. I guess some things come naturally to her. She is not afraid to follow her heart and that is what many people love her for and her fans can’t seem to get enough of her. This is simply because she chases her goals.

The culinary scene in Botswana has been on its peak lately. Many people have been fighting tooth and nail to make it in the food industry. This was because post covid a lot of people lost their jobs and many people could not find jobs either. A lot of Batswana found a niche in the food business and we love the fact that they have not only tapped into the culinary scene but also that they have been creative with the food they serve. Hence many people were not hesitant to support them.

Miss Geekays also followed her passion and she has brought some class and fancy to it. Her restaurant is a fast food joint located in G West Phase 1 and goes by the name ‘Kana Kgang’. Her eatery is unique in the sense that they have introduced a fusion of traditional food and modern food. They have brought mouthwatering traditional food that takes many on the best culinary trips. 

Kana Kgang serves foods like dumplings, beef stew, samp, and many other enticing foods. The restaurant that has received the best reviews has modern-day decorum, allowing people to enjoy themselves in a chilled and cool ambiance. People can always come in packs, have their meals, and chill. The restaurant is suitable for any day and any occasion. It is one of the many things that have kept her busy these days. We love the beauty of her restaurant that comes with the beauty of her food. 

There is no mediocrity in everything she does. She has the spirit of excellence, whether in radio shows, wardrobe, interviews, or her MC duties. The ever-gorgeous personality is always on point. Kana Kgang will be one of the food and beverage plugs that will leave a legacy. This is because they put effort and hard work. The restaurant is class and the food is class.

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