'Different Skin Products For Different Seasons...'

Khanyi Mbau shares skin lightening tips.

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No doubt Khanyi Mbau has had some work done on her face because she wasn't as light in complexion as she is today. In the latest episode of her 'The Art Of Skin Lightening' guide, Khanyi Mbau drops helpful hints for women who are on their own skin lightening journey. With this, she mentioned that Dubai was the best place to be right now.

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Khanyi Mbau said Dubai is the perfect country for her skin and mentioned that she and her bae were within their bag when they chose Dubai. "Listen the sun was discovered in the UAE!" she exclaimed.

Her main focus is on the hands and asked her followers if the burnt bananas on the hands subsided as yet. She recommends that people should use different skin products for different seasons and since we entering summer, winter products should be locked away.

"Stay away from peels in the summer," she advises when it comes to hands. "Peels expose undeveloped skin into the atmosphere, placing shock onto them then it causes inflammation."

Khanyi then says if the skin starts to look pink or red, then the person is burning, "Once your skin starts turning pink or red, stop immediately! That's a red flag you have gone too far and this applies to the body as well."

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