More Than Just A Good Voice

Kennedy Thal is living life large!

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Many people  know Kennedy Thal as one of the best musicians ever produced in Botswana but the artist is a whole package and he has got a lot to offer to his fans.

Here are some of the interesting things about him.

His Fitness Goals
Kennedy Thal has got a body that many has fallen in love with. The musician who shows off his body on his social media pages has managed to motivate many of his followers to hit the gym in order to get those fitness gains.

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His Lifestyle
Not only is Kennedy proud of his body, but he also got an amazing taste of trending hairstyles and clothes. Thal always looks on point on every picture.

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He also feels comfortable walking around  in panties publicly something that many can not do.

His Love for Art
Kennedy is one of the artists that appreciate art and nature. Being an artist himself he also relates to other types of art like sculptors, paintings and carvings.

His adventurous moments
Kennedy Thal loves traveling and has traveled to many destinations around the world.

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His Music and Modelling career
Music is Kennedy’s backbone.The musician who is well known for using most of Rihanna’s songs as covers for some of his songs, has also composed original songs and written several songs.

He started his music career at the age of seven when he received his first keyboard set. During learning how to play the piano that is when he fell in love with songwriting. He has performed on many stages in Botswana and overseas.

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Besides music Thal is also a model and has represented several local and international brands.Kennedy’s body has opened many modelling doors for him.

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His Family
Kennedy Thal loves his family especially his grandmother who he mentions all the times.The multi-talented musician regularly posts pictures on his social media with his 95-year-old grandmother.

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His grandmother is his pillar of strength after the tragic passing away of his mother in 2016. His father is American.

Thal posts videos on his social media motivating other young people not to give up on their dreams. The 31-year-old star is also an entrepreneur and one of the youngest Motswana men who has achieved a lot in their lives. His star is definitely shining bright.

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